Vietnam Travel Guide

Enjoying a unique culture, some of the world's best cuisine, dynamic cities and a breathtaking natural environment, Vietnam is a holiday destination rich in sights, tastes, history and experiences and offers something for everyone with its spectacular national parks, gorgeous coastline and vibrant green mountains. A wonderful fusion of Chinese and Cantonese culture and religion, Vietnam is a fascinating blend of tradition and modern day city. With a strong political past that is still an important part of everyday life, the region pays homage to past struggles, famous wars and significant leaders who helped to pave the way for the beautiful and independent country that can now be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.


Vietnam offers a range of accommodation to suit all types of travellers, from budget conscious hotels to family friendly resorts, self-catering apartments luxury suites and everything in between. Conveniently located close to a range of shopping, dining and activities, all accommodation offers easy access to the region's most popular tourist attractions and enjoys an excellent range of onsite facilities.

Vietnam Packages

Vietnam holiday packages are a great way to save time and money when planning a visit to this culturally rich, naturally diverse and historically significant holiday destination. Allowing you to combine all aspects of your holiday into one simple and inexpensive package, you can combine your flights and accommodation as well as transfers, tours, travel insurance, activities and attractions and even meals. Benefitting from huge discounts and exclusive extras, you can choose from an existing range of Vietnam holiday packages or customise one to suit your own personal needs.


Vietnam's attractions are as many and varied as the region itself and offers something for everyone. The spectacular landscape offers nature buffs plenty to enjoy including tropical forests, beaches, mountains and even a desert scape, home to the famous Sand Dunes of Mui Ne.

The country's rich culture and history is also a major attraction with a fascinating range of pagodas and historical ruins scattered throughout the country. The simple lifestyle of the Vietnamese people is also a charming experience with farmers, fishermen and hill-tribes painting a rather romantic picture of life in this beautiful country.

Vietnam Facts

Translating to 'South Viet', Vietnam is Southeast Asia's Indochina Peninsula's easternmost country and is bordered in the north by China, the northwest by Laos, the southwest by Cambodia and the east by the South China Sea. The 13th most populous country in the world, Vietnam is home to 90.3 million people and is Asia's eighth most populous country. Located in the north, the country's capital city is Hanoi however it's other major city, Ho Chi Minh City, is located in the south.

Vietnam's total land area covers 329,566 sq. km and is formally known as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. 85% of the country's population is Vietnamese, 3% are ethnic Chinese and the remainder of the population is made up of approximately 60 ethnolinguistic groups. Buddhism is the primary religion practiced in Vietnam however there are also quite a number of Taoist, Muslim, Christian, Confucian, Caodist and Hoa Hao minorities.