Getting to Swan Hill

Situated on the borders of Victoria and New South Wales, getting to Swan Hill is easy from a number of departure points. The central point where a number of main highways intersect, it would appear all roads lead to Swan Hill. Located approximately 4 hours northwest of Melbourne, getting to Swan Hill can take a little longer depending on your mode of travel, and there are many ways of getting to Swan Hill.

The most obvious way of getting to Swan Hill is by car, with well-signed and maintained roads offering a fairly quick and direct route. Easily reached in a day, some visitors also take the opportunity to visit the towns along the way and make a day out of getting to Swan Hill. There are three main routes for getting to Swan Hill from Melbourne, the first of which travels the Murray Valley Highway, detouring via Echuca and Mildura. The other two options take either the Sunraysia or Calder Highways, both passing through Ballarat before reaching Swan Hill.

Of course if you don’t have your own car and would prefer not to have to hire a vehicle, there are a number of public transport options for getting to Swan Hill. The region is well serviced by trains and buses both in terms of getting there and getting around once you have arrived. There are two daily bus and train services that operate between Swan Hill and Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station as well as daily bus and/or train services that travel from Bendigo, Sydney and Adelaide to Swan Hill. There is also a local bus line that operates services six days a week with an intra-city northern and southern route as well as limited services to the nearby municipal towns of Piangil, Wood Wood, Nyah and Woorinen South.