Unique Experiences in Fiji: From Hot Springs to Cannibal Caves

28th Jul 2023 Travel Tips Pacific Holiday Destinations

Fiji Untold

Fiji, considered an idyllic island paradise with powdery beaches and crystal-clear waters, is so much more than just a postcard-worthy tropical destination. Whether you're visiting for the first time or the fiftieth time and are looking for ways to spice things up, there are so many sides to Fiji to be discovered. The islands are brimming with unique experiences, waiting to be explored by those willing to head off the beaten path. Let's deep dive into some of Fiji's most extraordinary adventures, from its natural hot springs to the mysterious cannibal caves.

Sabeto's Therapeutic Thermal Mud Pool & Hot Springs

Nestled between Nadi and Lautoka, the Sabeto Thermal Mud Pool and Hot Springs beckon visitors for a spa day unlike any other. Commence with slathering yourself in the cool, rejuvenating mud—believed by locals to possess therapeutic properties—and let it dry under the Fijian sun. As it tightens on the skin, feel the impurities drawing out. Then, take the much-anticipated plunge into the hot springs, where the warm, sulphur-rich waters melt away the dried mud and any lingering stress. The experience is as therapeutic for the soul as it is for the skin.

Mud Pools - Fiji

The Mystery of the Sigatoka Sand Dunes

On the main island of Viti Levu, near the mouth of the Sigatoka River, lies Fiji's first National Park: the Sigatoka Sand Dunes. Spanning over 650 hectares, the dunes rise and fall dramatically, some reaching up to 60 meters in height. A walk here feels akin to a mini-desert adventure. These dunes have revealed pottery more than 2600 years old, pointing to the ancient history of the Fijian people. With a combination of archaeology and natural beauty, it's a spot that calls for both reflection and admiration. For the ultimate thrilling cultural experience, combine a visit to the dunes with a Sigatoka River Safari jet boating to a traditional Fijian village where you are welcomed to learn about Fijian history and village life.

Sigatoka Sand Dunes

The Cannibal Cave of Naihehe

Fiji's history is layered, and not all of it is as sunny as the tropical island's weather, however Naihehe Cave is an essential historical experience for those interested in seeing a different side of Fiji. Hidden in the stunning Sigatoka Valley, the mysterious cave once served as a fortress for Fiji's last cannibal tribe. Guided by local tour operators, journey into the heart of the cave to discover remnants of pagan worship, tribal warfare and cannibalism traditions. The echo of stories whispered by local guides adds an eerie ambiance to the cavernous and surprisingly comfortable expanse.

Naihehe Cave

The Intriguing Ritual of Fijian Firewalking

Hailing from the ancient Sawau tribe on Beqa Island, the art of firewalking, or "vilavilairevo," is a captivating fusion of bravery and spirituality. Before the ritual, participants undergo a period of seclusion, preparing both physically and spiritually. As the ceremony unfolds, they walk unscathed over glowing embers, all to the backdrop of evocative chants from village spectators. While many Fiji resorts showcase this mesmerising practice, its raw authenticity resonates strongest on Beqa Island. Observing this ceremony offers a profound glimpse into the traditions and beliefs that enrich Fijian culture.

Fire Walking

The Crimson Prawns of Vatulele

Vatulele, an island famed for its legends and pristine beauty, holds yet another enigma - its unique red prawns. These intriguing crustaceans, found exclusively in the freshwater caves of Vatulele, have captivated both locals and visitors with their vibrant hue. Local legends speak of their mystical origins and significance to the island. Visitors often find themselves drawn to these caves, not just for the allure of the prawns but also to listen to the enthralling tales spun by villagers about these little creatures. Venturing into these caves offers a dual reward: a chance to witness the island's distinctive biodiversity and to immerse yourself in the oral traditions that keep the spirit of Vatulele alive.

Vatulele Red Prawn

Fiji's vast landscapes offer far more than beachside relaxation. From the cultural significance of ancient rituals to the enduring local legends which describe the origin story of the island's beauty, Fiji beckons the intrepid traveller to delve deep into its mysteries. Every corner of these islands tells a tale, waiting for curious souls to listen. On your next visit, let Fiji surprise you with its lesser-known wonders.

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