How to Spend Your Tax Refund [INFOGRAPHIC]

8th Aug 2013 Travel Tips Infographics

It's that time of year when the tax man comes knocking and for some of you that might not be a bad thing, but for others it could mean no refund or worse still - having to pay some back! If you're like the rest of us then you've probably already given some thought to how you'd like to spend your tax refund but before you resign yourself to paying off your credit card (yeah right) or settling for something small it might pay to check out our infographic below.

A guide to spending your tax refund (as if you needed any help), our infographic shows you just how far your money can go. Of course if you're not receiving a refund (sorry) you'll have to get used to the idea of two minute noodles by candlelight or having a camping the backyard. However even if you only get a small refund, you can still enjoy a nice little break. For example, you could be heading off for a romantic weekend away in Hunter wine country or for some fun in the sun on the coast for as little as $500!

If you're lucky enough to receive a refund of around $1,000 then we're really talking! You could take the whole family on a Gold Coast theme park adventure or keep it all for yourself and go on a Melbourne shopping spree with the girls. $5,000 and you're looking at an upgrade to a Fiji holiday or 2 weeks in Bali. However if you get back a tax refund of $10,000 or more well aside from being insanely jealous we recommend living it up in luxury in the Whitsundays or saying aloha to Hawaii.

Whether you get back a little or a lot, our guide to spending your tax refund infographic has plenty of ideas for your price range.

How to Spend your Tax Refund

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