Fiji vs Bali Holiday Showdown [INFOGRAPHIC]

25th Jul 2013 Travel Tips Infographics

When thinking about going on holidays, you're often torn between more than one destination. Fiji and Bali have long been considered similar enough in the holiday stakes and are often presented as the most popular holiday destinations for Australians. They're a great option for people looking for an affordable overseas holiday that doesn't require a particularly long flight. Although the two destinations do offer a number of similarities, there are also quite a few differences that can come into play, particularly for travellers trying to decide between the two.

In the ultimate holiday showdown, we've put together a helpful infographic that pits destination against destination. Who the winner will be is up to you. By comparing Fiji vs Bali, we've looked at everything from the number of travellers who visit each year, how long on average they stay, how quick and easy it is to get there and the types of travellers these destinations are most popular with. We've also compared some fun stuff like the local beer, how much a Big Mac costs, famous movies that have been filmed there, the local culture and language and some of the most popular attractions.

Use our Fiji vs Bali infographic to help you decide which destination best suits your idea of the perfect holiday, perhaps you'll decide you need to visit both. Share it with your friends to spark debate and battle it out to decide who will take the title as the ultimate holiday destination - Fiji or Bali?

Holiday Showdown Fiji vs Bali

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