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Offering 166,038ha of unspoilt natural beauty, Fraser Island is a nature lover's dream holiday destination with kilometres of pristine beaches, dense rainforest, breathtaking scenery and a number of freshwater lakes. Located just a 4 hour drive north of Brisbane, Fraser Island is a popular 4WD holiday destination with a huge range of natural attractions and unique landscapes to explore. The roads on Fraser Island are completely made of sand, meaning it will take a 4WD to get anywhere past the campgrounds to explore. Driving is pretty slow to make it over the terrain, but this gives you plenty of time to appreciate your spectacular surrounds.

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However the fun on Fraser Island isn't just limited to sinking your tyres into the sand, there are plenty of other natural attractions to enjoy that allow you to get out and about. There are family friendly campground activities as well some excellent swimming spots and even the inquisitive resident dingoes can be entertaining, just remember to watch them from afar and don't feed them or encourage them towards campsites.

The tailor run which occurs in the winter months always brings lots of eager fishermen onto the beaches however it's between August and October when the Fraser Island coast is most popular, during the annual humpback whale migration. A truly majestic sight to behold, these gentle giants grace the waters off the north western side of Fraser Island as they make their way into Platypus Bay.

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