Why do Aussies really take holidays?

2nd Jul 2019 Travel Tips Travel Stats & Surveys

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It’s no surprise that Aussies love to travel. In fact, we’re known for it worldwide. Everywhere you go, no matter how far or obscure, you can always guarantee you’ll run into another Aussie traveller. Whether it’s lying on the beach in Thailand, or exploring the local villages in Vietnam, travel is in our blood and its part of our culture. We travel far and wide, for a good time and for a long time, but the question is why?

Why do Aussies really take holidays?

Relax and Unwind

In a recent survey, we asked our globetrotting community why they like to holiday, and the number one most popular answer was ‘relaxation’. 84.2% of Aussies holiday specifically to relax and unwind. From cruising the South Pacific Islands to checking into an all-inclusive resort, relaxation is at the forefront of Aussie’s travel plans. While there are many different definitions of what constitutes a relaxing holiday, it’s no doubt these all have many significant benefits. Allowing us to feel refreshed, calm and care-free, relaxing holidays are the best way to switch off and de-stress from the chaos of everyday life.

Explore New Destinations

Another popular reason why Aussies like to holiday is to discover new destinations. Indeed, 80.7% of respondents rate exploring new destinations as high on their travel priorities. Exploring different cultures and ticking destinations off the bucket list are very popular priorities with Australian travellers. Many also travel to explore cultural and ancestral roots that have special meaning to them. Expanding our perspective and being exposed to new places, people and cultures is a rewarding experience and can ultimately help us become better, more worldly and informed citizens.

Spend time with loved ones

Additionally, 56.5% of Aussies holiday to spend time with their loved ones. Travel is the perfect opportunity to connect and develop deeper relationships with loved ones. Memory making is an important factor in Aussies holiday priorities and 87.2% of respondents travel with others to experience things they couldn’t back home. Whether it be a romantic partner, a group of friends or a family situation, travelling in a group is an amazing way to strengthen bonds and share special moments. Best of all, in the future you can look back on the holiday and share stories of all the great memories you made together.

Spend time in nature

Escaping the daily grind and getting away from the hustle and bustle is an important factor in Aussies holiday priorities. In fact, 33.5% of Aussies holiday specifically to spend time in nature. More and more travellers are seeking out scenically beautiful and relaxed destinations to disconnect from everyday life. Spending time in nature has been proven to relieve stress, improve your mood and boost feelings of happiness and overall gratitude. Whether you decide to embark on a hiking holiday, wellness retreat or just visit some beautiful beaches during your travels, time spent in nature is guaranteed to create lasting holiday memories.


Another important reason why Aussies love to travel is to focus on self-development. The process of self-development is different for everyone and it’s not all about “finding yourself”. While 30.4% of Aussies travel to re-connect with themselves, 19.5% travel to make new friends, 19% travel to unplug from technology and 9.8% travel to learn new skills. By immersing yourself in a different culture and stepping out of your comfort zone, travel has the ability to conquer a variety of self-improvement goals.

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