Top 10 Interesting Aviation Facts

20th Jan 2016 Travel News

New York - LaGuardia Airport

Are you an aviation geek? Or perhaps you just like to know more about the big metal tube that will be hovering you thousands of feet above the earth? Whether it’s a passing interest or more of an obsession, the forces that surround modern day flight are often mystifying. However dig a little deeper and you’ll find some rather fascinating facts on some of the most popular air travel and aircraft.

Top 10 Aviation Facts

1. An A380 wingspan measures 80m, which is actually longer than the aircraft itself which measures only 72.7m

2. The wingspan of the Boeing 747 measures 59.5m and is actually longer than the first flight of the Wright Brothers which travelled just 36.5m

3. The average 747 aircraft features a total of between 240 to 280 km of wiring

4. A 747-8 has a total electrical capacity that is enough to power as many as 480,000 32 inch flat screen TVs

5. The entire 747 fleet worldwide has logged in excess of 78 billion km which is roughly equivalent to approximately 101,500 trips to the moon and back

6. The family of 747 aircrafts have flown over 5.6 billion people in their lifetime – that equates to about 80% of the entire world’s population

7. Did you know that business class was invented by Qantas in 1979?

8. Hydrating when flying is important. Air travel can strip 1.5L of water from the body on just an average 3 hour flight

9. Airline food often gets a bad rap, but approximately one third of your tastebuds are actually numbed while flying which may account for these seemingly less satisfying meals

10. Pilots and co-pilots must eat different meals while operating the aircraft in case of food poisoning

Whether it makes you feel safer or just smarter on your next flight, these interesting aviation facts offer an insight into an industry that otherwise seems shrouded in secrets and science too complicated for the average passenger to understand.