South East Asia Attracts Grey Nomads

24th Jul 2012 Travel News Asia Holiday Destinations

Despite a reputation as a shopping and party destination for younger travellers, South East Asia is gaining momentum as a popular getaway for older Australians. Figures from Roy Morgan Research's recent survey show that travellers in the 50+ age group are increasing in the South East Asian sector with warmer climates, declining pensions and increased fuel prices named as influencing factors.

Often referred to as Grey Nomads, older Australians are now taking advantage of the strong Australian dollar to travel abroad. Although a large part of regional and rural Australian tourism, elderly travellers are now trading in their caravans for Asian destinations.

With superannuation returns dwindling and pensions decreasing, older Australians can afford a high end lifestyle on a low end budget, increasing wellbeing and improving longevity. For just $20-$30 a day, these 50+ travellers can live in luxury by opting for non-traditional holiday destinations like South East Asia.

Taking advantage of cheaper cost of living and the great range of discounted packages available on the market, over 50s are familiar with Asian destinations and are still relatively close to home so feel comfortable visiting them. According to the Roy Morgan consumer survey, one in two Australians will travel overseas in the next year.

A hike in petrol prices has meant the great Australian dream of retiring to travel around the country in a caravan has become increasingly difficult to achieve. This curb in national travel has seen older Australians seek more affordable alternatives, with South East Asia cornering the market.