9th Aug 2012 Travel News

At TravelOnline we are always looking for ways to provide our clients with a better travel experience. This means better deals, an easier to use website, and a hassle free booking process.

We are therefore very excited to announce our latest effort: We have abolished all booking fees!

We hated passing on extra charges to cover the administration costs involved in booking your holiday so we've gotten rid of all booking fees on all international and domestic flights and accommodation FOREVER! This means you'll save even more when booking the already amazing deals TravelOnline offers.

Like any good business, we keep a close eye on what our competitors are up to and we were shocked to discover that although some of them claim to have dropped their booking fees, this only applied to flights. Which means they were continuing to charge fees for booking accommodation and over the phone bookings. We've abolished all booking fees!

Some of our biggest competitors such as Flight Centre, EscapeTravel, Webjet, Jetabroad, BestFlights, Wotflight and Harvey World Travel charge anywhere from $14.95 all the way up to $49.90* extra on domestic and international travel bookings just for the pleasure of obtaining your business.

We're pleased to have your business and want to offer you the best deals and most memorable holidays, so before you book with another travel provider make sure you aren't being charged a booking fee!

*The information above is sourced from the companies involved, but may vary depending upon the type of travel and timing of the travel you intend to book. It is meant as a guide only and may be subject to change. We keep a regular eye on our competitor's fees, however we make no assertions that the information above is 100% correct. If you find an error please email us and we would be glad to update the information.