How To Achieve All Of Your New Years Resolutions By Travelling More

29th Jan 2019 Travel Tips

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As the silly season winds down and February fast approaches, many have already forgotten those ambitious New Year's resolutions made over one too many cocktails on New Years Eve. Whether your resolutions were to exercise more, declutter, save for that house deposit or spend more time with loved ones, it's not too late to fulfill those resolutions and actually achieve a lot more than you think. It doesn't need to be difficult or overwhelming by any means, and it can be done with one simple solution. Here's how you can achieve all of your New Years Resolutions by travelling more.

Lose the clutter

As the New Year rolls around, many people take it as the perfect opportunity to declutter. Whether you want to become more organised around the house, tidy up the rogue tupperware drawer, or donate unwanted items such as clothing and furniture, studies have shown that decluttering actually makes us better people. A great way to start the process of decluttering is to travel! Travel forces you to pack only the essentials. By being confined to a suitcase, you are forced to think logically about what you can and can't take away with you. This means limited pairs of shoes, outfits and accessories that will allow you to get by and be comfortable on the go. Upon returning home, you may just realise that you never even thought of the other clothes you left behind. And don't actually need those 4 pairs of hiking boots, or 16 bikinis' you've been hoarding in your wardrobe "just in case".

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$ave more

If Christmas has already blown your budget and grand plans to save out the window, there's no need to worry, because there's still time to establish great saving habits for 2024. One of the easiest ways to save is to book a holiday. It sounds strange but booking a holiday forces you to save for that holiday, and as a result you become more conscious of your spending and can easily eliminate unnecessary purchases from your daily life. Instead of buying a coffee every day on your way to work, think about how you could spend that money sipping cocktails at a rooftop bar in Singapore? If you change your perspective to think about how that excess cash will benefit your travels, you'll be saving in no time. And when you return from your trip and already have those saving habits established, it will be so much easier to reach long term saving goals such as buying a house or car.

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Be more active

If you're feeling rather sluggish after the silly season, finding the motivation to kick start that fitness journey you envisioned for 2024 can seem near impossible. Don't worry, we get you. Sometimes life gets in the way and its easy to focus on other priorities. A great way to be more active without even realising is to travel. The world is full of incredible sights that are best seen by foot, so take the opportunity to get amongst the great outdoors and venture on a hike. Hiking in a new destination may seem like a daunting task, but once you start to experience the nature, views and incredible surrounds, the effort will be oh so worth it. If hiking isn't available in your travel destination, you can still be active by simply wandering the city streets. Uncover secret alleyways and local restaurants that can't be accessed by car or train and get lost in eccentric neighbourhoods as you take in the sights, sounds and culture all while moving your body.

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Slooooow down

Flat out and can't seem to find the time to relax? Join the club. Juggling work commitments, appointments, meetings, social life, exercise, self-care and time with family and friends is a huge balancing act and sometimes we all just need to slow down. If you're looking to de-stress and slow down this year, a holiday is sure to fix that- better yet, go somewhere with no phone reception and completely switch off. You'll return home feeling refreshed, inspired and ready to take on new challenges for 2024.

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Spend more quality time with the kids

Life gets busy, the kids grow up, get their driver's license and it's like you never see them anymore. If one of your new year's resolutions is to a spend more quality time as a family, then why not set off on a family holiday? The perfect way to bring everyone back together, holidays are the sure fire way to get everyone on board for an exciting reunion. Whether you want to jet abroad to a destination like Hawaii, or just take a short weekend road trip to the coast, family holidays allow you to spend quality time, reconnecting and making life long memories together.

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