Holiday Do Over: Top 5 Ways To Revamp Your Vacay

17th Sep 2021 Travel Tips

With the list of places to travel shrinking in recent years, many would-be holidaymakers have been facing the prospect of returning to familiar destinations. Whether your original travel plans were interrupted, or you simply don't have the energy to research and plan something more exotic, it's easy to feel like you're stuck in the same old holiday humdrum. Except it doesn't have to be like this! Doing the same holiday again but differently is the perfect way to add some excitement to your travel plans. Here are the top 5 ways to revamp your vacay with a holiday do over.

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Troubleshoot Your Travel

Let's face it, no matter how well you plan sometimes things just don't work out while on holiday. Whether your luggage got lost, it rained for your entire beach holiday or you failed to factor in the time difference and missed your most desired activity or attraction. This is your chance to right any wrongs from your previous trip. Your first visit was just a warm up, you figured out all the things you didn't know and learned all your lessons the hard way. Don't let that knowledge and experience go to waste (or the annals of internet travel forums). Put that troubleshooting to work! Revisit your destination of choice armed with all the solutions to previous challenges and enjoy a relaxing getaway that runs smoothly.

Experience New Things

Whether you visit for a week or a weekend, there never seems to be quite enough time to see and do everything that catches your eye. Rather than trying to cram your time full of activities and attractions and not actually enjoying any time to unwind, soak it all in and process the amazing experiences that you are having - make a list of the best bits you missed and go back again to discover a whole new side to a destination you thought you knew so well. Everyone thinks Fiji holidays are all about islands and beaches, and they definitely are! But there is so much more to this tropical paradise if you look below the surface. From velocipedes to ziplining, off-road cave safaris and thermal mud pools, there is a whole other adventurous side to be discovered.

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Change Up Your Travel Companions

When it comes to different experiences, there's no better way of changing things up than by choosing different travel companions. How often have you been on a business trip or an adults-only weekend away and guiltily thought about how much the kids would love it? Alternatively, there would be more than one occasion on a family holiday when the idea of getting away from your partner, children or extended family sounds like heaven. The same destination can feel vastly different depending on who you're travelling with. If you're normally a pretty leisurely traveller, why not team up with your adventure-seeking friend to discover a whole new side of the destination and yourself.

Four Seasons In One Place

Another great way to gain a totally new perspective on the same old destination is to visit during a different season. You can be guaranteed winter in New York's Central Park is a vastly different experience to visiting the lush green foliage of warm spring days or copping an eyeful of the cosy copper tones and falling leaves of autumn. There are also a huge range of seasonal attractions which can help to mix things up. New Zealand's Queenstown ski season is an attraction in its own right, but the warm summer months are also incredibly popular for hiking, outdoor adventure activities and whale watching. Visiting at different times of the year can also determine how 'touristy' a place is, if that's your kind of thing.

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A Trip Down Memory Lane

The only reason you'd ever entertain going back to the same holiday destination is if you enjoyed yourself the first time around, right? There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to do that again! Whether you want to recreate a magical memory from your childhood or relive an experience to share it with someone special, there's something very comforting about returning to the places where good memories were made. Some people return to the same holiday destination every year for this reason, and often they have those once-a-year holiday friends that they get to catch up with at the same time. You know everything you need to know, even down to your packing list and the slick tetris moves required to fit it all in the car. Your holiday runs like a well-oiled machine and there's nothing you need to do but sit back, relax and enjoy!

What's your top tip for a holiday re-do? Let us know in the comments below!