Air Australia Collapse

18th Feb 2011 Travel News

Customers who have purchased Air Australia tickets from TravelOnline are advised the following:

1. If you purchased QBE tavel insurance, you are able to make a claim for this insolvency event under the terms of the policy. Please contact QBE Insurance on 1300 555 017. Your TravelOnline consultant will contact you soon to arrange alternative travel plans. If your plans to travel are within 14 days please contact us at or 1300 883 887.

2. If you have no insurance, we will assist you to book alternative flights up to the same value without additional payment.TravelOnline has strong alliances with Virgin Australia, Thai Airways and Hawaiian Airlines and can arrange alternative flights on these airlines. You can contact us at or 1300 883 887

TravelOnline is committed to supporting its customers through this unfortunate event and will endeavour to make sure the impact is minimised.

The Team at TravelOnline