5 Childhood Stories That Inspired Our Travels

21st Aug 2019 Travel Tips

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There's nothing quite like curling up with a good book, switching off from the world and being transported to another universe. From imaginary places where mythical creatures rule the land, to ancient civilizations steeped in exotic culture, books have the power to spark a sense of wanderlust with each turn of the page. Regardless of age, reading takes us on a journey of imagination, exploration and adventure. Ultimately, many of the books we read as children have inspired us to see the world.

Here are 5 childhood stories that inspired our travels.

Into the wild

Based on a true story, Into The Wild is a charming book that demonstrates what can happen when wanderlust takes over. The story follows Christopher McCandless, who transformed his life to travel across America and hike through Alaska. The story explores the spontaneity and freedom of solo travel and inspires us to step outside our comfort zone and follow our dreams.

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The Jungle Book

Following the story of the boy-cub Mowgli and his animal friends, the Jungle Book is a children's classic that encapsulates the amazing opportunities and adventures that travel can bring. The imaginative storytelling and detailed descriptions of the vast landscapes are what brings this story to life. Verdant rainforests, lush jungles and ancient temples guarded by monkeys inspires us to feel the call of the wild and visit destinations such Thailand, India or Bali. Embark on your own safari adventure, get up close and personal with wildlife and relive the wonders of this famous children's story.

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If you grew up reading the Madeline series, chances are you can't wait to visit Paris. A fascinating city of history, culture and beauty, Paris is that dreamy place we just can't get enough of. The series of children's books follow the story of Madeline, a young girl living in a catholic boarding school in Paris. Starting with the famous line "In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines, lived twelve little girls in two straight lines," the story follows Madeline and her classmates exploring many iconic Paris landmarks. Led by their teacher Miss Clavel, the girls explore the Eiffel Tower, Jardin de Luxembourg, Point Neuf and The River Seine which are so beautifully illustrated in the books. The story has inspired many travellers to explore the city of Paris. In fact, you can even sign up for a Madeline Tour that will take you to all of the major landmarks and points of interest on your next Paris visit.

Paris - Seine River with Eiffel Tower

Around the world in 80 days

An ultimate travel classic, Around the World In 80 Days is the story that has inspired so many adventures across the globe. The story follows Phileas Fogg, a wealthy Englishman who accepts a bet to travel around the world in 80 days to win £20,000. Over the journey he travels to an impressive list of countries including the UK, Egypt, Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia, NZ, Japan, USA, Iceland and many more. Since publishing in 1873 the book has inspired ambitious travellers to embark on their own round-the-world journeys and many travel companies have even offered tours that follow the book's exact itinerary.

Kyoto Japan Fushimi Inari Torii

The Chronicles of Narnia

A childhood favourite, The Chronicles of Narnia are a series of incredible tales that inspire a sense of adventure in all readers. With stories of pure magic and heroic characters embarking on brave adventures, the Chronicles of Narnia is a must-read series. While the stories are fiction, the concepts of visiting unknown places, fantastical settings and uncovering new ways of life distinctly resemble real life travel. We travel to experience new destinations, discover exotic cultures and embark on journeys of self-discovery and The Chronicles of Narnia encapsulates this so perfectly.

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Has a children's story inspired you to travel? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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