Hunter Valley Weather & Climate

Much of the New South Wales climate is mild, with little noticeable variation between seasons however the Hunter Valley weather and climate is much more distinctive. Although it could not be described as extreme, the weather in this region is certainly separated into well-defined seasons however this is part of the charm of the Hunter Valley and certainly makes for excellent grape growing conditions for the production of the famous wines.

No matter the season, the Hunter Valley is sure to turn on its best and because of the wine produced in this region, each season is important in various stages of the process. In summer the region comes alive with the harvest and wine growers are at their peak, particularly with the harvest festival also being held. In autumn, the abundant foliage of the Hunter Valley turns delightful shades of browns, oranges and golds making the scenery even more spectacular and turning the landscape into a patchwork of colour.

Winter is a time for rest, with the region being popular as a cosy getaway complete with roaring fireplaces and gourmet produce and cuisine to provide plenty of comfort food. Come spring, the landscape is ready to be reborn and the once bare and stark vines begin to flourish and grow full with fruit, readying themselves for the upcoming harvest where it all starts again.

During summer, temperatures generally remain at a pleasant average of 21 degrees Celsius while in winter, temperatures drop to approximately 18 degrees Celsius. At its coldest, the Hunter Valley can drop to temperatures of just 4 degrees Celsius but rarely gets any cooler than this. No matter when you choose to visit this iconic Australian wine growing region, the Hunter Valley is always offering a spectacle of colour, comfort and indulgence.

Hunter Valley Weather Forecast


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Hunter Valley Annual Average Climate

Averages Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rainfall (mm) 90 100 120 110 110 110 90 70 70 70 60 80
Temp (°C) 22 22 21 18 15 13 12 13 15 18 19 21
Min Temp (°C) 19.1 19.2 18.2 15.2 11.9 9.6 8.3 9.1 11.3 13.9 16 17.9
Max Temp (°C) 25.6 25.4 24.7 22.7 19.9 17.4 16.6 17.9 20.1 22.1 23.6 24.9

Hunter Valley Annual Average Temperature Graph (°C)

Hunter Valley Annual Average Rainfall Graph (mm)