Langkawi Holidays

Located on the northern tip of Malaysia, Langkawi is an archipelago of around 99 smaller islands that are close to the Indian subcontinent. The majority of the islands in Langkawi are uninhabited however the largest island, Pula Langkawi, is the main island for Langkawi holidays. Located on Malaysia's northwestern tip, the island is close to the Thailand border and is home to the country's entire population of approximately 64,000 people. It is also home to Kuah, Langkawi's principal town and administrative headquarters.


As a growing tourist destination, Langkawi accommodation isn't overflowing with options however there are still a great range of hotels and resorts to choose from and these enjoy a much more relaxing and intimate atmosphere than other more developed and densely populated holiday destinations. Many of the Langkawi accommodation options are actually the houses of local people that have been converted into tourist resorts however these still enjoy all the same facilities as the more recent developments.

Langkawi Packages

The burgeoning tourist trade of Langkawi has seen many adventure and tour operators establish themselves in the region. Day cruises are a particularly popular way to explore the archipelago and Malaysian peninsula and one of the most convenient ways to arrange and book these expeditions is by combining them into affordable Langkawi packages. An easy way to organise everything from flights and accommodation to tours, activities and more, Langkawi packages offer great rates for all your Langkawi holidays.

Flights to Langkawi

Although there are no direct Langkawi flights that depart from Australia, a number of reputable air carriers offer reasonably priced fares departing most major Australian cities with stopovers in Singapore and/or Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Air Asia, Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin Australia all offer Langkawi flights departing from Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

Langkawi Facts

Langkawi was only recently given its name in 2008 to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of the Sultan of Kedah. Langkawi refers to an eagle, reddish brown in colour, which now serves as the icon for the islands. A duty free island, so too are Langkawi holidays and the island is enjoying a transformation from a once agriculturally based economy to focus more on its growing tourism trade. As such, the region continues to develop with more accommodation and attraction projects underway, including an arts centre and zoo.