Fraser Island Attractions

Fraser Island's breathtaking natural environment and spectacular position on the Great Barrier Reef makes it the ideal holiday destination for those wanted to relax and get back to nature or get their heart pumping with a bit of adventure on the world's largest sand island. However you choose to spend your time on the island, Fraser has a wonderful range of activities and attractions to suit everyone.

Fraser Island's experiences are many and varied including majestic whale watching off Hervey Bay during the annual migration season, beautiful Lady Elliot Island and the wonder of the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef as well as the rare rainforests that grow on the island, the unique sand dunes, pristine beaches and crystal waters, expansive 144km coastline, MAHENO shipwreck and the wide variety of plant life and native wildlife species.

Fraser Island is also renowned as a four wheel driving hot spot, with most of the island accessible by 4WD. Seventy Five Mile Beach is actually a highway that runs along the surf side of the island and the sand tracks that link the lakes and rainforests on the island are a great way to see the amazing scenery of Fraser. However please note, vehicle access permits are required for all vehicles entering the island, otherwise visitors are able to hire 4WD's on the island.

Seventy Five Mile Beach is also right in the heart of the action for some of the world's best beach fishing. Surf gutters occur naturally off the beaches providing excellent angling conditions and no matter when you choose to visit, you'll always be able to catch something with bream and whiting aplenty during the warmer months and swallowtails available year round. Rock species are caught off the Waddy Point to Indian Head headlands while trailer boats are available for launching into the calm waters. For southern reef and northern coral species, off shore is your best bet.

Enjoying such a picturesque and naturally blessed location, Fraser Island's leisure pursuits all revolve around exploring or enjoying its dazzling and unique environment and ecosystems.

Central Station: Offers a delightful boardwalk along Wanggoolba Creek, visit the peaceful Basin Lake, or stand among some impressive satinay trees in Pile Valley.

Lake McKenzie: This inland perched lake is a very popular site with white sand and pristine sparkling blue water, in summer the visitor numbers are restricted.

Lake Boomanjin: This is the largest perched lake in the world, covering almost 200ha. Its waters are stained brown by tannins leached from the vegetation.

Lake Wabby: This is the deepest lake on Fraser Island and is a deep green in colour and is surrounded by forest on one side and the advancing edge of the Hammerstone Sandblow on the other, a truly magnificent site and well worth the walk in.

Eli Creek: Cool off in the crystal clear waters of Eli Creek or take the boardwalk to the top of the creek and float down with the flow to the beach. Eli Creek pours up to four million litres of fresh water into the ocean every hour.

Kingfisher Bay Resort: Is located on the western side of the island is a worth a visit if you need to pick up a few supplies, there is a small supermarket and bakery that serves a good coffee.

Champagne Pools: Are located just north of Indian Head and rock pools filled with salt water and an ideal spot to cool off at low tide.

Wungul Sandblow: Enjoy expansive coastline views from the first dune crest of this sandblow.

Wreck of the S.S. Maheno: Originally built in Scotland in 1905 the S.S. Maheno was a luxury passenger ship. In 1935 the ship was considered outdated. While being towed from Melbourne to Japan it encountered a cyclone and drifted on to 75 Mile Beach on Fraser Island. The ship is now severely rusted and climbing is not permitted.

75 Mile Beach: Many of these attractions are located along 75 Mile Beach. The Beach runs along most of the east coast of Fraser Island. While not the best place for a swim due to dangerous currents it abounds in beautiful landscapes and a varied wildlife. Due to the nature of the hard sand the beach acts as a highway and a runway.

Lake Allom: Tucked into a rainforest hollow, this lake offers a cool respite from the beach environment. A circuit track around the lake meanders through a variety of plant communities. Wait on the viewing platform and watch for freshwater turtles, but please do not feed them.

Waddy Point Headland: Take in a vista of beach and ocean. Watch for sea turtles, sharks and stingrays coasting along.

Binngih Sandblow (Waddy Point): Catch sweeping views across Waddy Point headland and north over Marloo Bay to Sandy Cape, the site of the only lighthouse on Fraser Island.

Ocean Lake: Ocean Lake is home to a variety of water birds taking advantage of the reeds and undisturbed sections of the lake. Nearby, an easy walk through cypress, banksia and melaleuca woodland offers a good lookout with panoramic views.