Asia Accommodation

Bali & Lombok Accommodation

Bali Accommodation

Part of the largest archipelago in the world, Bali and its surrounds boast warm and hospitable Indonesian people as well as a rich culture. Bali is famous for its surf beaches, vibrant nightlife and bargain shopping while the unique destinations of Lombok and the Gili Islands offer untold beauty beyond Bali.

Thailand Accommodation

Kata Noi Beach, Thailand Accommodation

From the glittering golden temples and majestic limestone cliffs to the bustling city of Bangkok Thailand is a place of opposites. However opposites most certainly attract and the stunning beaches of Phuket and tropical islands of Koh Samui blend seamlessly into Thailand’s rich tapestry of exotic landscapes and cultured history.

Malaysia Accommodation

Malaysia Accommodation

A melting pot of cuisine, culture, religion and race, Malaysia uses its ethnic diversity to full advantage, creating a multicultural paradise for all to enjoy. Contrasting rich history with modern cities and architecture, Malaysia is full of surprises, most notably its diverse natural attractions, mangroves, reefs and beaches.

Vietnam Accommodation

Vietnam Accommodation

Offering some of the best cuisine in the world, Vietnam’s fusion of Cantonese and Chinese culture and religion makes for an exciting blend of ancient tradition and modern city. Boasting a breathtaking natural environment, Vietnam features vibrant green mountains, stunning national parks and some truly gorgeous coastline.

Singapore Accommodation

Singapore Hotel

Nicknamed the ‘Garden City’ for its fantastic green spaces, Singapore is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Enjoying a tropical climate, Singapore is home to a fascinating blend of Chinese, Indian and Malaysian culture and features exotic cuisine, fantastic shopping and vibrant nightlife against a backdrop of glittering modern skyscrapers.

Hong Kong Accommodation

Hong Kong Hotels

Known as Asia’s ‘World City’, Hong Kong is an interesting blend of modern Britain and Cantonese Chinese, having absorbed a rich range of influences and culture. A destination rich in history, exotic cuisine and fantastic shopping, Hong Kong also boasts golden beaches, misty mountains, rural landscapes and even rock islands.

Japan Accommodation

Ki Niseko, Japan Ski Accommodation

An east Asian nation located in the Pacific Ocean, Japan is an incredible destination that splashes delicate cherry blossoms against the snow-capped peaks of ski fields and the iconic silhouette of Mount Fuji. Clashing ancient temples and culture against modern cities, high speed bullet trains and the neon jungle of Tokyo, Japan is an unforgettable experience.

Philippines Accommodation

Philippines Accommodation, Boracay Island

Located in Southeast Asia, the Philippines are a beautiful archipelago with a huge range of stunning beaches and one of the world’s longest coastlines. From the party destination of Boracay to the vibrant mix of colonial architecture, Philippines offers a laid back yet fascinating culture known for its sparkling malls, colourful fiestas and modern cities.