Nha Trang Travel Guide

Vietnam's most famous seaside resort town, Nha Trang is known as the 'ocean city' and is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country. A bustling beachside city, the central area is full of small restaurants whose focus is on fresh seafood. The central city of Nha Trang offers a huge crescent-shaped beach that is popular for playing in the surf (although not surfing) and enjoying the bright blue views of the 20 islands that surround Nha Trang. Known as 'the strip', the main seaside avenue is always busy however there are also a number of popular tourist attractions nearby including the Vinpearl Cable Car and Vinpearl Ferry Terminal, Diamond Bay Golf Course, Phu Dong Water Park and Long Son Pagoda.

Nha Trang Accommodation

Nha Trang offers an outstanding range of hotel and resort accommodation, the majority of which ranged between 4 and 5 stars. With most options located on the beachfront, accommodation is also close to local shopping, dining and attractions. Although there are some great budget-friendly options, most are high-end resorts and hotels. Many accommodation options are concentrated in high rises in the centre of town and are close to popular attractions including the Diamond Bay Golf Course, Vinpearl Ferry Terminal and Vinpearl Cable Car, and Phu Dong Water Park.

Attractions in Nha Trang

Nha Trang's beaches are its greatest attraction with water activities the most popular way for visitors to spend their time including surfing, snorkelling, diving and cruising to nearby islands. Biet Thu Street offers the best nightlife however if you'd prefer to just relax and enjoy the views there's plenty of opportunity to do that too. For an insight into the culture and way of life in Nha Trang, the Pasteur Institute offers a glimpse into the life and legacy of one of the most famous expats of Vietnam. The well-preserved landmarks of Po Nagar Cham Temple and Long Son Pagoda are also popular tourist attractions. However the Vinpearl Cable Car is the most popular tourist attraction in Nha Trang and offers stunning views of the mainland and islands.

Nha Trang Facts

The name Nha Trang originates from the term 'Ya Trang' in the Cham language which roughly translates to mean Reed River. Nha Trang Bay has been voted among the world's 29 most beautiful bays by Travel and Leisure two years in a row. The Vinpearl Cable Car, a popular Nha Trang attraction, is the world's longest overwater cable car, measuring a whopping 3320 meters long.