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Vietnam flights are available direct from Australia, Asia, Japan, Europe, South America, Indonesia, Russia, and the U.S with airports located in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. Vietnam's flag carrier is Vietnam Airlines however there are a number of long-haul Vietnam flights that are available from a number of different international carriers with stopovers in Bangkok, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and more. The below list provides an overview of baggage allowances for major airlines offering Vietnam flights.

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Virgin Australia: Carry-on baggage is limited to a maximum of two pieces with a combined weight of 7kg, while checked baggage allowances range from one 23kg piece to two 32kg pieces dependent upon cabin class.

Qantas: No more than two carry-on pieces weighing 7kg combined are permitted and checked baggage is limited by cabin class to either one 23kg piece or two 32kg pieces.

Thai Airways: Cabin baggage is restricted to 7kg while checked baggage depends on traveller's age and cabin class and ranged from 10kg to 40kg.

Malaysia Airlines: Carry-on is permitted up to 7kg while those travelling with infants are allows an extra 5kg. Checked baggage is limited to between 20kg to 40kg depending on fare type with a further 10kg allowed for infants.

Vietnam Airlines: Economy passengers are permitted one piece of carry on weighing no more than 7kg while Business Class passengers are permitted two pieces of carry on but are still restricted to 7kg. Checked baggage ranges from 10kg to 40kg and is also dependent on cabin class.

Emirates: Carry on of 1 piece weighing 7kg or two pieces weighing 12kg is permitted according to cabin class while checked baggage of 30kg to 50kg is also based on cabin class.