Wotif Flights

Wotif is an online travel booking service that has positioned itself as a low cost and last minute flight provider. Wotif flights are available within Australian, across the Tasman and to international destinations as well. Although their 'last minute' business model allows for discount prices, some customers feel that it is not the most convenient way to plan their travel.

At TravelOnline, we understand that if you're needing a flight last minute, then you may not have the time to plan your travel yourself. You may be just about to board another flight, you may be in a business meeting or you may just be having too much fun to concern yourself with the boring details of booking a flight. Whatever the reason, our friendly and experienced consultants are more than happy to take care of things for you.

We pride ourselves on having built great relationships with the major airlines in the industry and it's thanks to these relationships that we're able to provide great prices on a range of flights with very little notice. We also realise that once you get to where you're going the journey doesn't simply end there and you'll more than likely require accommodation, car hire and maybe even tours if you're travelling for pleasure rather than business.

As specialists in providing affordable holiday packages, we're also able to assist you in booking any optional extras you may wish to include and bundling it together into one discounted package. Our close relationships with suppliers and accommodation providers around the world also mean that we can offer you a great range of complimentary bonuses including room upgrades, resort vouchers, complimentary breakfast, transfers, massages and more.

Whatever you need, we're always here to help, even at the last minute.

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