Vanuatu Travel Guide

A land of lush tropical gardens, brilliant blue waters, friendly locals, ancient culture, spectacular natural wonders and fantastic food, Vanuatu is 800 km west of Fiji. Vanuatu, meaning 'Land Eternal' is an ancient archipelago created from volcanic activity thousands of years ago. Made up of 83 islands, Vanuatu's landscape features dense jungle, natural harbours, pristine beaches as far as the eye can see and smaller coral islands. Port Vila, the island's national capital, is located on Vanuatu's main island Efate and is the region's main tourist hub.

Popular Vanuatu Regions

Vanuatu Accommodation

Vanuatu accommodation is spread out over the three most popular regions of the island including Efate, Espiritu Santo and Tanna Island. Much of Vanuatu's accommodation is set on the main island of Efate with the rest offering access to the diving hot spot of Espiritu Santo and the famous active volcano on Tanna Island. Accommodation styles, star rating and facilities vary between the different islands and hotels however with such a wide range available, Vanuatu accommodation caters for all tastes and budgets. Whether staying at an affordable motel, luxury resort, island bungalow or seaside resort you're guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

Vanuatu Holiday Packages

Whether you're a seasoned traveller to the islands or a first-timer, Vanuatu holiday packages are an excellent way to experience their beauty and culture. With options available for all budgets and travellers including family friendly packages, you can enjoy your holiday without the stress of planning every single detail. Combine flights, accommodation, transfers, meals, tours, travel insurance and more to take advantage of bundle discounts. Choose from an existing package or customise your own package to suit your needs.

Vanuatu Activities

While on holiday in the islands, there are a wide range of Vanuatu activities for you to enjoy. You can soak up the sun, dive a ship wrecked luxury liner and witness unique cultural ceremonies, traditional villages and primitive art and performances. Vanuatu is also home to the famous art of land diving, the only tradition of its kind in the world. Performed on the island of Pentecost, this tradition is thought to be the first form of bungy jumping in the world and is only carried out at selected times of the year.

Vanuatu Facts

Vanuatu was originally inhabited by Melanesians and didn't receive European settlers until the 19th Century. Claimed by the UK and France, Vanuatu was known as New Hebrides until its independence in 1980. Vanuatu features a subtropical climate with 9 months of the year characterised by hot weather followed by only a few months of cooler, dry conditions. Vanuatu is home to active volcanoes which cause a rocky shoreline fringed by reefs and the ocean floor to drop away quickly.