Virus Information

Our Protection Systems

TravelOnline has a multi-tiered defence policy to protect against virus attacks. This means that all incoming and outgoing data is repeatedly checked at many stages by different systems. These systems include Mailsweeper Content Filter, Sophos AntiVirus, InoculateIT AntiVirus, eTrust AntiVirus. In addition, security patches are applied to application software preventing activation of possible malicious executables.


Spoofing is when an email you receive has a false senders address. Virus writers and Spammers use false sender addresses so you cannot track them down. The results of this are as follows.

1. If you receive a virus-infected email from someone, there is no point replying to them to tell them they have a virus. It most likely did not come from them at all but from someone else who has their address in their computer and has the virus as well.

2. You may receive emails from people telling you that you have a virus. This may not be true since they are replying to an email that used your address as the false sender. (Of course you should also have your own virus scanner and keep it up to date.)