American Museum of Natural History

Located in the Upper West Side, the American Museum of Natural History was founded in 1869 and, aside from being a popular tourist attraction and must-see on any visit to New York, is also an important cultural and scientific institution. Home to a wide range of revolving temporary and permanent exhibitions, the AMNH features an amazing range of collections and exhibitions on the universe, human cultures and the natural world.

Situated in Central Park West at West 79th Street, the American Museum of Natural History is a popular family attraction offering something for every age group and interest including dinosaurs, cosmic pathways, ecology and Native American culture. There are four floors of exhibits that cover a wide range of topics including cultural halls, a great blue whale and of course, dinosaur fossils.

The museum is also home to the Rose Center and planetarium and entry to both costs approximately $20 for adults, $10 for children and $15 for seniors and students. The AMNH is open daily from 10am to 5.45pm and the free Highlights Tour is the ideal way to enjoy an overview of the museum and its exhibits without being overwhelmed by the many choices on offer. These tours are offered daily every hour from 10.15am to 3.15pm and depart from the entrance to the Akeley Hall of African Mammals on the second floor.

However, some of the most popular exhibits include the Hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs and Hall of Ortnithischian Dinosaurs on the fourth floor, the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life, Heilbrunn Cosmic Pathway, Hall of Biodiversity and Guggenheim Hall of Minerals on the first floor, the Akeley Hall of African Mammals on the second floor, and Eastern Woodlands and Plains Indians on the third floor. Ideal for a wet weather activity or to simply wonder at the knowledge, power and science that lies behind the mysteries and truths of the world, the AMNH is a visual representation of the Earth's amazing scope of life.