Universal Studios

Located in Hollywood, Universal Studios is a popular theme park attraction centered around the magic of the movies. Famous for its Studio Tour, the park is also home to a fantastic range of exciting and entertaining rides and attractions. The Studio Tour is a must-see attraction on any visit to Universal Studios and takes approximately one hour. Exploring 415 acres of restricted Universal property, the tour takes visitors through the sets of some of the most famous movies and TV shows.

With filming for a variety of movies and TV shows happening on sets in Universal daily, some tours will be lucky enough to spot some stars. Especially friendly celebrities have even been known to come out of the set to chat to tour guests, pose for pictures and sign autographs. However, even if you're not lucky enough to catch a celebrity filming, there are plenty of other attractions to get you excited including the Prop Plaza, The Flash Flood, Jaws, Fast and the Furious and the amazing King Kong experience.

Inside the amusement park Universal is divided into two sections, the Upper Lot and Lower Lot. The Upper Lot is known as the 'Entertainment Center' where most of the theatres, shows and rides are located. Attractions include The Simpsons Ride on a simulated rollercoaster through Krustyland, the goose bump inducing special effects of the Terminator2 3D experience, the family friendly fun of Shrek 4D and the exciting water stunt show WaterWorld - A Live Sea Spectacular.

The Lower Lot is home to the NBC Universal Experience which offers exhibits of wardrobe, props, trivia and artifacts of your favourite movies and TV shows as well as the Jurassic Park boat ride featuring an 84 foot water slide, the 45mph indoor Revenge of the Mummy rollercoaster as well as the thrilling simulator Transformers 3D ride. Both the Upper and Lower Lots also feature a number of shops and restaurants.