Santa Monica Pier Los Angeles

About 30 minutes west of downtown LA, Santa Monica is home to a number of popular attractions including Santa Monica Beach, the Santa Monica Pier and Pacific Park. Offering all the excitement of So Cal and the bustle of the big city combined with the relaxation of a seaside holiday, Santa Monica is the city of Los Angeles' true 'urban' beach. Known as 'the' beach to see and be seen, plenty of A-list celebrities have been spotted on the sand however it's also a popular tourist attraction that offers a vibrant and welcoming local community.

The Santa Monica Pier is an iconic attraction home to the famous Santa Monica neon sign so often featured on TV and in movies. LA's very own version of Coney Island, the Santa Monica Pier is also home to the old-fashioned family fun day out at the Pacific Park amusement park. Home to a number of historic games and rides, the park is also home to the world's first solar-powered Ferris wheel. Leading from the beach and the famous Santa Monica Pier, Ocean Avenue is a popular hangout offering a number of high end restaurants and cafes as well as art galleries and the beautiful Palisades Park, renowned for its stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

A must-do attraction on any visit to the Santa Monica Pier, Pacific Park is home to a wide range of arcade games and amusement rides including the iconic solar-powered Pacific Wheel, the rotating surf ride Inkie's Wave Jumper, the swinging swashbuckling Inkie's Pirate Ship, the futuristic bumper cars Sig Alert EV, the family high flyer Sea Planes, the tea cup come hot air balloon experience of Inkie's Air Lift, the thrill seeking oceanfront steel rollercoaster West Coaster, the fast-paced swirl of Inkie's Scrambler, the 180 degree arc of the wooden ship Sea Dragon, the 9 storey weightless drop of Pacific Plunge, the truckin' fun of the Santa Monica Pier Patrol and the 18 foot spring action of the Frog Hopper.