Knott's Berry Farm

Located in Buena Park, approximately 30 minutes southeast of Downtown LA, Knott's Berry Farm is a 160 acre theme park offering everything from children's and family rides to historical rides, water rides and roller coasters. More than just an amusement park, Knott's Berry Farm is also of historical importance and takes its name from the original Knott family owners who used the land to farm berries and sell pies and preserves in the 1920s. A popular stop for those travelling along State Route 39, Walter Knott expanded the farm by selling fried chicken dinners and constructing shops, attractions and a replica Ghost Town to entertain visitors. By 1968 the family was charging admission to the attractions and in 1983, Camp Snoopy was added, beginning the park's still current association with the Peanuts characters.

The park is divided into five themed areas including Ghost Town, Fiesta Village, The Boardwalk, Camp Snoopy and Indian Trails. Designed to preserve and replicate the original Ghost Town of the Knott family berry farm, Ghost Town is home to a number of 'Wild West' themed rides including the dark gravity coaster of the Calico Mine Ride, the narrow gauge 10-minute Calico Railroad ride taking visitors through the park, the wooden roller coaster GhostRider, the upcharged Screamin' Swing, the inverted roller coaster Silver Bullet, the classic flume Timber Mountain Log Ride with a 42 foot drop and the Bigfoot Rapids family river raft ride and Pony Express steel roller coaster, both located in the Wild Water Wilderness section of Ghost Town.

Fiesta Village is a Mexican pop culture themed area home to the swinging pirate ship gondola Dragon Swing, the teacup style Hat Dance ride of spinning sombreros, the steel roller coaster Jaguar, 360 degree spinning pendulum of La Revolucion, the classic Merry Go Round, the speedy Montezooma's Revenge and the orbiting Waveswinger. The Boardwalk area is reminiscent of California's pier amusement parks and is home to the reverse shuttle coaster Boomerang, the steel wild mouse coaster Coast Rider, the classic carnival ride Pacific Scrambler, the spinning somersaulting Rip Tide, the panoramic gyro tower Sky Cabin, the turbo drop of Supreme Scream, the flying scooters of Surfside Gliders, the classic Wheeler Dealer Bumper Cars, the rotating and undulating Wipeout and the breakneck roller coaster Xcelerator.

Camp Snoopy is the family and children's area of the park, themed around the Charles M Schulz comic strip Peanuts. Having been the park's mascot since 1983, Snoopy features heavily in this area complete with a number of rides including Balloon Race, Camp Bus, Charlie Brown's Speedway, Grand Sierra Scenic Railroad, High Sierra Ferris Wheel, Huff and Puff, Joe Cool's Gr8 Sk8, Log Peeler, Lucy's Tugboat, Red Baron, Rocky Road Trucking Company, Sierra Sidewinder, Timberline Twister and Woodstock's Airmail. Located between Camp Snoopy and Ghost Town, Indian Trails is a Native American themed area home to the Butterfield Stagecoach attraction.