Luxor Las Vegas

Located on the southern end of the Strip, Luxor Las Vegas is an iconic hotel and casino situated between Mandalay Bay and the Excalibur. Connected to its neighboring properties by free tram services, the Luxor is named after an ancient city in Egypt, which explains its unique pyramid shape. Featuring 30 storeys of accommodation and a 120,000 sq ft (11,000 sqm) casino offering 87 table games and more than 2,000 slot machines, the Luxor is Las Vegas' second-largest hotel and the world's eighth largest hotel.

Having recently undergone renovations and an upgrade, Luxor Las Vegas enjoys a new and very modern design with contemporary finishes. The hotel offers 4,400 guest rooms and 442 suites that line the interior walls of the pyramid-shaped tower and another two 22 storey ziggurat towers. However the Luxor is best known for its Sky Beam, the world's strongest beam of light. At 42.3 billion candela, the beam is visible by aircraft up to 275 miles (443km) away at cruising altitude including over in Los Angeles.

The Luxor Sky Beam uses curved mirrors designed by computers to harvest the light of 39 xenon lamps and concentrated them into one narrow, intense beam of light which engineers have concluded would allow a person to read a newspaper more than 10 miles above the hotel. Each of the 39 xenon lamps measure 7,000 watts and cost approximately $1,200 each. When switched on at full power, the Sky Beam costs approximately $51 per hour to operate, with $20 an hour of that used to power its total of 315,000 watts of electricity.

Located 50 ft (15m) from the top of the building, the lamp room reaches 300 °F (149 °C) when the Sky Beam is operating and is serviced by only two staff during the day. The Sky Beam has actually been designated an aviational landmark by the FAA.