United States of America Travel Guide

The United States of America is a large North American country that is comprised of a total of 50 states including the island state of Hawaii. With a population of more than 310 million, America is the third-largest country by population in the world. A cultural melting pot, the US features a variety of regions including modern cities, sprawling suburbia and vastly beautiful uninhabited landscapes. Home to a wide range of popular tourist destinations, the United States is a delightful mix of bustling cities like Manhattan in New York and Chicago in Illinois as well as natural wonders like the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Red Rock Canyon and Yellowstone National Park. Southern California on the west coast and Florida on the east coast are also beautiful spots known for their beaches and lifestyle.


The USA is home to a wide range of accommodation options, especially in the most popular holiday destinations and tourist areas. Las Vegas is renowned for its huge variety of high quality yet affordable combined hotels and casinos that line the Vegas strip. New York is renowned for its high end inner city accommodation while Los Angeles offers a variety of affordable and luxurious hotels in the inner city and surrounding areas like Hollywood and Beverley Hills. Conveniently close to shopping, dining and popular tourist attractions, accommodation in the US is of an excellent standard.

Popular USA Regions

USA Holiday Packages

The USA is a diverse country home to an almost endless range of natural, historical and cultural attractions as well as iconic landmarks and monuments. From the neon casinos of Las Vegas to the skyscrapers and State of Liberty of New York as well as the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles and nearby Disneyland, there's much to see and do. USA holiday packages are a fantastic way to make the most of your time in the States and helps make choosing your attractions and booking your travel far less overwhelming than it could be with so much on offer. By combining everything from flights and accommodation to airport transfers, tours, travel insurance, meals and even entry to theme parks, these holiday packages are the ideal way to save time and money.


The range of US attractions is almost endless and with everything from theme parks to landmarks and monuments, historical attractions and unique natural attractions there's always something to suit everyone. Las Vegas is an attraction in itself, a popular holiday destination with American's and foreign visitors alike, its often referred to as Disneyland for adults thanks to its huge range of bars, restaurants, casinos and adult entertainment. New York is one of the must-see quintessential holiday destinations in America, known for its shopping, café and restaurant culture and iconic landmarks and attractions including the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Rockefeller Centre, Empire State Building, Central Park and more. Los Angeles is considered the gateway to the USA for most international visitors and is a bustling city home to iconic sporting venues such as the Staples Centre as well as historic attractions like the art deco styled Union Station and nearby Hollywood, Universal Studios and Disneyland.

Fast Facts

Las Vegas is home to 18 out of 25 of the world's top hotels and is the brightest place on the planet with its famous 'strip' visible from space. Over 150 couples are married each day in Las Vegas and the city is also home to the world's largest mechanical neon sign, Vegas Vic, located in Fremont Street. New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art is a popular attraction and is one of the largest art museums in the world with over 2 million works of art. New York is home to the largest mass transit system in the world, the city's famous subway features 1,355km of track. Despite its history with gang-related violence, Los Angeles is actually the safest big city in America. Originally part of a real estate advertising campaign, the iconic Hollywood sign was originally 'Hollywoodland' until 1949.