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NSW TrainLink
NSW TrainLink
NSW TrainLink
NSW TrainLink
NSW TrainLink

Servicing destinations throughout Brisbane, Melbourne and New South Wales, NSW TrainLink (express passenger trains) offers a comfortable modern coach and rail network to carry passengers economy or first class, in the comfort of air conditioning on day, night and overnight routes.

Sleeper facilities are available on board for overnight journeys and NSW TrainLink features comfortable reclining seats with plenty of leg room, fold down tables and large windows perfect for enjoying the amazing views of the Australian landscape as you travel cross country. Main line passenger services operate between Sydney to Melbourne and Sydney to Brisbane.

Due to the Brisbane border closure, NSW TrainLink has ceased interstate services into Queensland.

Although NSW TrainLink operates a number of additional regional services, TravelOnline only offers the sectors displayed below. TravelOnline is unable to offer Senior or Pensioner fares. TravelOnline are happy to assist with your booking if travel is more than 5 days in advance and less than 11 Months prior to travel.

Option 1: Seats

Economy Class Seats feature drop down tables, buffet car access, footrests and armrests. Seats look in the direction you are travelling in however are able to be rotated for a group of 4 with prior notice. Economy seats recline back to 28 degrees and offer plenty of leg room.

First Class Seats feature footrests and armrests, drop down tables and buffet car access. Seats look in the direction you are travelling in however are able to be rotated for a group of 4 with prior notice. First Class seats recline back to 40 degrees and offer extra leg room.

Option 2: Sleepers

First Class Sleepers are available for services travelling overnight between Sydney/Brisbane/Sydney and Sydney/Melbourne/Sydney. Twin cabins offer towels, toiletries and bed linen. Breakfast is included in the service tariff and beds convert into comfortable seats for the daytime. Twin Cabin has 1 set of double bunks in each cabin. A cabin is only suitable for 2 people and a shower and toilet is shared with the adjacent compartment.


The buffet car offers a wide range of hot and cold meals as well as tasty snacks however arrangements can be made for the on board crew to serve you in your set or sleeper. Most individual dietary requirements can also be provided for with a minimum of 48 hours' notice.


RouteServiceDepartArriveChange at or Day of Service
Brisbane to SydneyDaylight#5.55am8.12pm 
Brisbane to SydneyOvernight#2.30pm7.01am - next dayCasino*
Melbourne to SydneyDaylight8.30am7.47pmMon-Fri
Melbourne to SydneyDaylight8.30am7.45pmSat-Sun
Melbourne to SydneyOvernight7.50pm6.57am - next dayFri-Sat
Sydney to BrisbaneDaylight7.08am#10.34pmCasino*
Sydney to BrisbaneOvernight2.41pm#4.53am - next day 
Sydney to MelbourneDaylight7.40am6.30pmDaily
Sydney to MelbourneOvernight8.42pm7.30am - next dayMon-Fri
Sydney to MelbourneOvernight8.35pm7.30am - next daySat-Sun

# During NSW daylight saving (beginning October - beginning April), services will arrive and depart Queensland locations one hour earlier than shown.
*Indicates coach connection as part of the journey.

Timetables subject to change without notice please reconfirm at time of booking. Train departs on a daily basis.

Additional Info

Children: Child fares are available to children aged 4 - 15 years inclusive or where an under-aged child occupies a seat or berth. Children aged under four years travel free of charge and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian aged 16 years or older.
Infants must occupy the seat allocated next to the parent or guardian who is accompanying them and must not travel on another passenger's lap. If the number of infants travelling are more than the number of adults accompanying them, a child fare must be paid for each additional seat.
Sleeping berths: Each sleeping compartment is designed to accommodate two adults, one in each berth. However, if an infant occupies the same sleeping berth as their parent or guardian, the infant travels free. If the adult is travelling alone with the infant, they must book both berths in the compartment and pay the appropriate child and adult fare, plus berth charges.
Ticketing and payment: Payment is required at the time of booking.
Motor Vehicles: There are no facilities for carrying motor vehicles on NSW TrainLink.
Luggage: Passengers are permitted to have three pieces of luggage made up of the following
Hand Luggage: Passengers can take up to 1 hand luggage item no more than 5 kilograms and not more than 30 x 50 x 30 centimetres (length x height x width).
Checked Luggage: Passengers can check in 2 items, each weighing between 5 and 20 kilograms and not more than 70 x 60 x 50 centimetres (length x height x width). Medium sized candy-striped bags will be accepted as checked luggage if they weigh 15 kilograms or less and only contain clothing or soft items. Checked luggage must be lodged at the station 30 minutes before scheduled departure. Please note NSW TrainLink is unable to accept luggage less than five kilograms in weight as checked luggage and there is limited space for booked luggage and restrictions apply during peak periods.
Unchecked Luggage: If you do not wish to check your luggage you can take two items on board with you, as long as they don't weigh more than 20 kilograms or measure more than 70 x 60 x 50 centimetres (length x height x width). Please store these items in luggage racks or at the end of your carriage. Items that are damaged, unable to be secured or with protruding contents will not be accepted. Liability is limited to $300 and private travel insurance is recommended. NSW TrainLink has no liability for personal items including cameras, electrical goods, jewellery, money and tools; suitcases, bags, backpacks and similar items; bicycles, surfboards, snowboards and golf clubs; luggage that is not checked in and issued with a NSW TrainLink luggage check. Please note that unchecked luggage is carried at your own responsibility.
Luggage: Passengers may be required to present and open checked and non-checked baggage for inspection prior to, or during, travel on NSW TrainLink services. NSW TrainLink reserves the right to refuse travel to any passengers who does not comply with such a request.
Photo Identification: Passengers may be required to produce photo identification at the time of collecting a ticket and/or boarding a NSW TrainLink service. NSW TrainLink reserves the right to refuse travel to any passengers who do not comply with such a request.