Phuket Forum

When planning a Phuket holiday, the best place to begin is a Phuket travel forum where you'll find helpful information from previous travellers and travel experts. Most Phuket travel forums feature useful tips on everything from how to get the best deals, where to stay and dine, tips on haggling, the best shopping and nightlife venues, recommended activities and sightseeing options as well as how to stay healthy and safe.

Damnoen Saduak, Floating Market, Market, Thailand, Bangkok

Travelling to Phuket is exciting and as one of the most affordable island destinations in the world, people are often surprised by how beautiful it is. Despite tourists flocking there in the thousands each year, this exotic holiday destination can be a little bit overwhelming if you're a first time visitor. Local forums feature information on each specific location or region and are most helpful if you've already decided which parts of the region you'll be visiting. These Phuket travel forums even offer information on things like events, points of interest and local customs and traditions.

Government websites are also a wealth of information for important travel advice such as visa and passport requirements, health alerts, how to stay safe in the areas you are visiting as well as tips on travelling, people and places to avoid and recommended destinations and attractions. These Phuket travel forums are a treasure trove of handy hints and will prepare you for arriving in a new and exciting destination.

Reviews are another great way to get first-hand accounts from other travellers on everything from accommodation and tour companies to average prices of food, beverages and souvenirs as well as the best shopping spots and attractions. Most Phuket travel forums will have an area of their site dedicated to feedback and reviews from real travellers who've been there before. When in doubt, ask around.