Thailand Transport

Thailand transport has a reputation for being a bit chaotic, however it's actually not so bad. While it may not be quite like what you're used to at home, it has its own cultural charm about it and after all, isn't that why you travel, to experience new things? Taxis are one of the easiest forms of Thailand transport to use as they are readily available. Most are metered although there are also set rate options depending on where you're travelling to. However metered taxis are cheapest and prices should be based on distance travelled and nothing else. As with most things in Thailand price is negotiable so don't be afraid to bargain with your driver before choosing a taxi.

Tuk tuk's are the most iconic form of Thailand transport and are the way the locals choose to travel. These are an open air version of a taxi and only have three wheels, however you'll probably also come across four wheeled smaller trucks. A quintessential experience when visiting Thailand, visitors should be aware that a ride on a tuk tuk is usually more expensive than a taxi. Travellers should also be wary when choosing to ride in a tuk tuk and inform the driver that they wish to go straight to their destination, as many drivers will take detours, especially to certain shops where they are paid a commission for bringing in customers.

If you feel confident enough, motorbike or car hire is probably the most convenient form of Thailand transport as you are free to explore at will. The vehicles are modern and generally of good quality and are easily available at satisfactory rates. Driving is done on the left hand side of the road, just like in the UK and Australia. To hire and operate a vehicle in Thailand, all you need is a current driver's license from your country of origin in English or a valid International license.