Tasmania Map & Location

Located south of the 40th line of latitude, Tasmania is set in the path of the cleanest winds in the world. The smallest state of Australia, Tasmania is an island that is separated by 240km of the Bass Strait from the mainland. As the map below shows, Tasmania is double the size of Switzerland and approximately the same size as the Republic of Ireland. Conveniently compact, the state is easy to navigate which allows visitors to explore more of this stunning destination in a short amount of time.

Tasmania's location, surrounded by the Tasman Sea, makes for a diverse natural environment combining dramatic coastal landscapes with rich heritage wilderness. As the below map shows, there are a fantastic range of accommodation options and no matter where you choose to stay, you're guaranteed an amazing atmosphere and view. From the capital city of Hobart to the stunning South East, the picturesque Huon and Derwent Valleys to Launceston and the Midlands, from the East Coast to Devonport, the North East and West to the West Coast and beautiful King and Flinders Islands, Tasmania is an easily traversed landscape of heritage, wilderness, coastline, alpine regions, forests and offshore islands.