East Coast of Tasmania

Tasmania's East Coast is home to a rich and diverse history that blends European heritage with Australia's own Aboriginal past. The spectacular landscapes found in this part of the state are as contrasting as its origins with dramatic mountains and crags meeting crystal seas and soft sand beaches. With influences from the French, Dutch, Welsh, Scottish and Aboriginals found in place names like Freycinet, Schouten, Swansea, Ben Lomond and Weilangta respectively, the stunning natural environment of the coast is also home to beautiful vistas and a plethora of wildlife.

Things To Do on the East Coast of Tasmania

• Located near Orford, north of Hobart, Spring Beach is a popular spot to swim, surf, stroll and relax.
• Maria Island is a historic island renowned for its Darlington convict settlement, wildlife, camping and adventure just a ferry ride from Louisville.
• Swansea is home to the Wine and Wool Centre, Bark Mill and the delicious home-grown fruit and homemade ice cream of Kate's Berry Farm.
• Located in Freycinet National Park, Wineglass Bay is one of the best beaches in the world and is a picturesque coastal attraction ideal for relaxing.
If you're up for a bit more adventure, Freycinet also offers amazing bushwalking, wildlife, camping, climbing and entertaining observational tours.
• Located in Bicheno, the East Coast Birdlife and Animal Park offers a unique insight into the state's native wildlife including wombats, the famous Tasmanian devil and even penguins with the evening Penguin Tour.
• To Bicheno's north, the Douglas-Apsley National Park also offers excellent walking tracks with plenty of flora and fauna to see.
• Located at the peak of Elephant Pass, pancakes the stuff of legends are served between St Marys and the Chain of Lagoons.
• A popular attraction are Ben Lomond's rugged crags which overlook the towns of Avoca and Fingal and the South Esk River's spectacular green valley.
• Heading 25km to Fingal's north, close to Mathinna, the Evercreech Forest Reserve is home to the tallest white gum trees in the world and is the ideal spot for a picnic.

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