Walks & Treks in Tasmania

Due to its smaller size, spectacular landscapes and easy accessibility on foot, Tasmania is renowned as one of the best walking destinations in the world. This may sound like a strange title to be bestowed, however you can't truly appreciate its wonder until you've strolled along the walking tracks that cover the state. No matter which environment you choose to explore, there are a wide range of walking tracks located throughout the rainforests, mountains, coastline, beaches, lakes and rivers. Due to its popularity, Tasmania's walking facilities are also among the best with plenty of shelters, toilets, campsites and visitor information centres.

With so many stunning tracks available, you'll never feel overcrowded and you can choose from short walks of between two and four hours or really take your time to explore and enjoy the scenery on full day and even multi-day walks. Discover the state at your own pace or join guided walks where you expert guide can highlight some of the fascinating native flora and fauna. No matter how much or how little time you have to spend exploring the walking trails, even just 30 minutes can have in surrounded by rainforest or at a beautiful cascading waterfall. All walks are clearly signed with a map and approximate completion time. Of course it's always recommended that you keep the necessary precautions in mind including -

  • Walking alone can be risky, especially on remote tracks. Groups of three are ideal as if something happens, someone can go for help while the other person stays.
  • Always take a compass on extended wilderness treks.
  • Dramatic changes in weather can occur in an instant, particularly in alpine areas. Always take a hat and sunscreen no matter how cool it is.
  • Waterproof jackets and first aid kits are advised.