Food & Wine in Tasmania

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Tasmania's temperate climate, pristine waters, rich soil and clean air provides the perfect conditions for producing some of Australia's best gourmet specialties. Renowned as a haven for foodies, the island of Tasmania is home to a delicious range of fresh fruit and vegetables, seafood, meat, cheeses and of course, fantastic wine.

The areas of Lilydale, Swansea, Sorell and Lalla are home to fresh blueberries, vibrant raspberries and crunchy apples that are ready to be picked and can be enjoyed straight from the tree to your tastebuds. Hobart's Salamanca Markets are also held each Saturday and are the perfect place to sample the local produce and pick some up to take home with you. Friendly local farmers sell organic produce, bush honey and homemade condiments such as vinegars, mustards and fresh herbs.

Across the state you'll also find a wide variety of specialty delicatessens offering charcuterie, fresh fancies, locally grown fruit and vegetables, homemade preserves and condiments, locally raised lamb and beef, honeys and handmade truffles, chocolates and jellies. Surrounded by the Bass Strait and Tasman Sea, Tasmania also boasts some of Australia's best seafood including Atlantic salmon, green and blacklip abalone, ocean trout, octopus, crayfish, oysters and scallops. Also highly sought after overseas, seafood is served on your plate straight from the sea.

Tasmania is also renowned for its award winning cheeses, particularly those produced on King Island. Produced by boutique and internationally acclaimed cheese makers, the consistently quality cheeses include hybrid specialties such as goats milk selections, sheep's milk pecorino and even wasabi. The region is also renowned for attracting big names such as Nick Haddow, one of the first in the country to produce unpasteurised cheeses.

What else goes perfectly with cheese than fine wine? Tasmania is renowned as a wine capital with more than 200 wineries and vineyards located across the state. From sparkling, riesling and chardonnay to pinot niors, rich reds, sauvignon blancs and even dessert wines, there's plenty to sample and enjoy. Renowned for its wine, Tasmania is also home to some of the oldest breweries in Australia producing some of the best ales in the world. From the Derwent Valley to the premium drops of the Cascade Brewery and James Boag, you can enjoy some of the most awarded beer in Australia.