Art & Craft Attractions in Tasmania

Affectionately known as 'The Apple Isle', Tasmania's spectacular landscapes and scenic natural environment unsurprisingly draw and inspire many creative individuals and talented souls who flock to its shores each year. Whether it's the cooler weather or the fact that arty types tend to attract each other, there are a large number of artists and crafters who call Tasmania home.

The state's abundant and unique rainforest timber provide the perfect muse for the local woodworkers who expertly carve the lumber in stunning souvenirs and works of art while the wild landscapes and sprawling scenery are brilliantly captured by photographers who proudly sell and display their work in many of the local businesses and galleries.

For something along the lines of more 'wearable' art, the fine skilled jewellers and metalworkers expertly fashion leather and precious stones and metals including gold, silver and bronze, into unique treasures and trinkets that will long serve as a cherished memory of time spend in Tasmania. Of course, you can't go past the infinitely talented local painters who inexplicably capture the true essence of Tasmania's soft light and colourfully patchworked landscapes with mere canvas, paint and brush.

In the states capital of Hobart, Salamanca Place is a hub of markets, shops and galleries renowned for pedalling the wears of the local arts scene while in Launceston, working studios and galleries fuel the creative flame. Even smaller communities such as Stanley, Deloraine and Bothwell offer a wealth of art and craft including paintings, ceramics and sculptures as well as works in progress.

Wherever you choose to visit in Tasmania, the local artistic spirit can be seen in handmade souvenirs available for purchase, stunning postcards adorned with images captured by the talented residents and plenty of local artwork adorning businesses, cafes and restaurants.