Tahiti Surf

Surrounded by pristine beaches and warm crystal waters, it’s no surprise that Tahiti is known for its swimming, snorkelling, diving and water sports. Boasting one of the most famous waves in the world, Tahiti also offers some of the best surf of any holiday destination on earth. From the excellent breaks of Moorea’s north coast to the internationally renowned Teahupoo off the southwest coast of the main island, Tahiti surf promises some powerful waves.

Tahiti surf generally experiences two seasons, with summer swells from October to March coming from the north 3-5 days after hitting Hawaii. The swell hits the 77 atolls of the Tuamotus, creating waves that become less heavy and are hollow on the outside with more of a wall as it wraps into the reef passes. This is ideal for all skill levels as hardcore surfers take on the hollow barrels and less experienced surfers enjoy the opportunity to take off further inside.

Low pressure systems which travel from Antarctica to Tahiti via New Zealand from April to September generating quality surf. Winter is when Tahiti surf enjoys its best waves with May to August bringing reef breaks along the south and southwest coasts creating hollow, powerful waves similar to those experienced in Hawaii. Although known as a big wave destination, Tahiti surf offers waves for all skill levels and when combined with boat access, surfers can enjoy some unbelievable waves here.

Teahupoo is Tahiti’s most famous wave, a lethal left that continues to push the limits of what is surfable, even for the most experienced boarders. A true surfers paradise, Teahupoo can get up to 6ft and offers a perfect tropical reef pass. However swells any bigger than this see the wave thicken and transform into a monstrous beast that even the professionals would struggle with. However what many don’t know is that there are a number of other breaks beyond Teahupoo worth exploring. There are 7 spots within 8km of each other which all break in different winds and swells, meaning surfs always up.