Best Time To Visit Tahiti

Tahiti boasts gorgeous weather year round, so there really is no ‘bad’ time to visit however if you’re trying to figure out when is the best time to visit Tahiti, it really depends on what you’re after. Tahiti’s ‘peak’ season runs from May to October, with the three busiest months being June, July and August. Considered ‘winter’ in French Polynesia, these three months are the most popular as temperatures are cooler and more mild. Although Tahiti is still warm and sunny, it’s not uncomfortably so and there is less rain with better overall visibility for snorkelling, diving and boating.

Some of Tahiti’s most popular events are also held during peak season including Heiva in June/July, the Billabong Pro in August and the International Golf Championship in September. Although June, July and August are often considered the best time to visit Tahiti, it’s worth noting that this is also the busiest time for the island, with an influx of tourists and holiday makers. Thanks to the wonderful year round weather of Tahiti, you can choose to visit during the off season to take advantage of slightly reduced rates at the hotels and resorts as well as avoiding the crowds.

For those who prefer to have the beach to themselves, November through to April is the best time to visit Tahiti where your experience of these stunning islands will be more tranquil and intimate. A visit during these summer months, although warmer and more humid, will really help to make you appreciate the cooling crystal waters around the islands. You’ll also enjoy less competition for island activities like diving, surfing, boating, dolphin exploration and deep sea fishing. Availability at the resorts will be better and you may also score some great savings during these slower months, however discounts are generally minimal in this luxurious and exclusive holiday destination.