Tahiti Accommodation

Tahiti and her Islands offers a variety of accommodation to suit all budgets and styles, from local family run pensions, bed & breakfasts, to both local and internationally recognised hotel chains. Tahiti accommodation ranges from luxury modern resorts to more relaxed options with a distinct Polynesian feel. Of course the most famous accommodation options in Tahiti are the overwater bungalows, most of which are iconic of the Bora Bora seascape, but can also be found on other islands in Tahiti.

No visit to Tahiti would be complete without spending at least one night in these bungalows which feature traditional Polynesian décor including shell light fixtures, bamboo and pandanus as well as incredible inlaid glass floors, allowing you to be immersed in the incredible tropical marine life without even getting wet. A whole other world away from the regular Tahiti hotels, these overwater bungalows offer a truly unforgettable experience and are the ultimate in tropical island luxury. Some bungalow accommodation providers even offer the unique opportunity to have your breakfast delivered to your bungalow by canoe!

Bora Bora Accommodation

Bora Bora Accommodation

Famous for its overwater bungalows and postcard perfect beauty, Bora Bora is the most popular tourist destination in Tahiti and promises romance, relaxation and luxury. Although the overwater bungalows are the most common accommodation in Bora Bora, there are still a number of alternative options for those who prefer to stay closer to dry land including a number of recognised names in Tahiti hotels and chains.

Moorea Accommodation

Moorea Above and Underwater

A less touristy version of the main island of Tahiti, Moorea features a range of affordable accommodation options surrounded by rural farming landscapes and its famous pineapple plantations. Moorea offers everything from pensions, fares, to both local and high-end hotel chains. One of the more hidden gems of Tahiti, Moorea accommodation offers incredible views of the nearby beaches.

Papeete Accommodation

Papeete Cathedral

The capital of Tahiti, Papeete is a busy harbour town and commonly used as a stopover destination combined with one of the outer Tahiti islands. Frequented by luxury liners, and is home to the famous black pearl shops, Papeete Market Place for handicrafts and souvenirs, and Roulottes where the locals dine in the evening. Papeete accommodation offers a convenient range of hotels and resorts.