Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

Sydney's Aquarium is renowned as one of the best in Australia and no visit to Sydney is complete without enjoying a day at the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. Located on Darling Harbour's city side, the Aquarium is home to more than 12,000 animals and 650 species. The fantastic range of exhibits feature everything from tropical fish and sharks to turtles, dugongs, sting rays, platypuses, penguins and more.

One of Sydney's best family friendly attractions, the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium allows you to literally walk underwater thanks to a 100m glass viewing tunnel giving you a unique perspective on some of Australia's best marine life. Come face to face with huge sharks and see amazing fresh water animals including platypus, barramundi and little penguins.

Journey through Australia's most unique underwater environments with the Sydney Aquarium including marine aquatic and fresh water habitats, river systems like the Murray Darling Basin to icons like the Great Barrier Reef. You'll also spot incredible marine and wildlife including sharks, sting rays, turtles, sea dragons, jellyfish, tropical fish, platypuses and penguins. Rare dugongs, two of only five on display in the whole world, also feature in the Aquarium.

A visit to the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium takes along the Australian coastline, into its oceans and through its waterways all right in the middle of the city. From the south's freshwater rivers to the north's tropical waters and the best Great Barrier Reef exhibit in the world, the Aquarium features an amazing array of habitats, including -

Streams and Billabongs
Australia's favourite freshwater wildlife including the platypus.

Sydney Harbour
Discover the native animals that call the platform decks and stilted piers of one of the world's most iconic harbour's home.

Mangrove Swamps
The tropical wet and dry seasons of the mangroves provide a habitat for a wide range of animals.

Discover the variety of southern ocean native animals in this beached shipwreck.

Saws and Claws
Two zones showcasing the Great Barrier Reef's smalltooth sawfish and huge Japanese spider crabs, the biggest in the world.

Dugong Island
Mistaken for mermaids by early European sailors, these gentle giants frolic in these waters.

Rocky Shores
Discover the animals that dwell on the coastal shorelines, ocean fringes and harbors.

Bay of Rays
One of the most colourful Australian ray displays in the world.

Shark Walk & Shark Valley
Walk among Grey Nurse, Sandbar Whaler and Lemon Sharks.

Great Barrier Reef
The largest Great Barrier Reef exhibit in the world, this truly has to be seen to be believed.