Adelaide Weather & Climate

South Australia's weather is one of the big drawcards for tourists as there is rarely a 'bad' time to visit. The climate can be described as a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm, dry summers.

Average winter temperatures generally fall between 8 and 15 degrees Celsius so it is advisable to bring warmer clothes, especially for at night as the temperature can drop more significantly around this time. As most rainfall occurs during the winter months throughout Jun, July and August it is also advisable to bring or purchase some waterproof clothing and an umbrella to ensure you are prepared against the weather whilst enjoying your time in South Australia.

The weather during Autumn and Spring shows little variance and is an enjoyably mild temperature. Fine sunny days provide the perfect weather for exploring the Barossa Valley or Murray River with temperatures falling between 12 and 22 degrees Celsius in Autumn and 11 and 21 degrees Celsius in Spring.

Summer weather in South Australia is quite warm with very sunny days, as with most parts of Australia. Summer is generally characterised by hot days and slightly cooler nights with average temperatures falling between 16 and 28 degrees Celsius although on particularly hot days the mercury can reach 30 degrees of more.

Sun protection is an important aspect of Australian culture, particularly in Summer although the UV is very high at all times of the year. To avoid sun-related discomforts such as sun burn or dehydration it is recommended that visitors do not go outside without a broad spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30 and a hat. Visitors should also drink plenty of water to keep themselves cool and hydrated while enjoying South Australia.

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