Murray River Holidays & Travel Guide

The Murray River is an Australian icon located in South Australia. The longest river in the country, the Murray River stretches 2,375km from New South Wales through to Victoria and all the way into South Australia where it meets the ocean at Lake Alexandrina, 100km southeast of Adelaide. Rising through the Australian Alps, the Murray River flows down the western side of the highest mountains in Australia and across inland plains between New South Wales and Victoria before heading northwest and meandering south into South Australia. One of the most important irrigation systems in Australia, the region surrounding the Murray River is known as Australia's 'food bowl'.

Cruises on Murray River

Cruising the Murray River is one of the most popular attractions in this scenic region and there are a number of cruises and sailing options. Board the beautiful and unique paddle wheeler, PS Murray Princess and journey back in time amid picturesque landscapes, taking in the region's indigenous culture, wildlife, bio-diverse wetlands, cliffs, gorges, historic ports and lush vineyards on 3 night, 4 night and 7 night cruises that include all your accommodation and dining on board and offer a fascinating insight into this amazing region.

Murray River holidays are a wonderful way to discover the beauty of one of Australia's most amazing natural attractions, cultural icon, longest river and life-giver to wildlife and fresh produce. Located about an hour outside of the capital city, Adelaide, the Murray River is a fantastic place to visit on a day trip or stay for an extended holiday. Aside from the spectacular scenery, unique wildlife and fantastic fresh produce, Murray River holidays are also popular for cruising the calm waters on board 3 night, 4 night or 7 night cruises.

Murray River Facts

The Murray River is part of the Murray-Darling river system which stretches 3,750km throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. The overall catchment area of the Murray River comprises one seventh of the country's total land mass. The Murray River supports a unique range of wildlife including Murray cod, trout, golden and silver perch, western carp gudgeon, eel-tailed catfish, Murray short-necked turtle, crayfish, yabbies, shrimp, water rats and platypus.