Scotland Travel Map

Located in north-western Europe, Scotland is a diverse country currently part of the United Kingdom. Featuring a 96km land border, Scotland is bounded by England in the south and is divided from Northern Ireland by the Irish Sea’s North Channel. As the below Scotland map shows, the country’s capital city is Edinburgh, despite Glasgow being its largest city.

Scotland is surrounded by the North Atlantic Ocean in the north and west and the North Sea in the east. In addition to the mainland, Scotland is surrounded by more than 700 islands, zoom out on the Scotland map below to see the Inner and Outer Hebrides groups in the west and the Shetland and Orkney Islands in the north.

Scotland Travel Maps:   Edinburgh Maps Glasgow Maps Inverness Maps

Renowned for its green fields, rolling hills, mountains and valleys, forests and rugged coastline, the dramatic scenery of Scotland is one of the country’s biggest drawcards. Scotland’s landscape is divided into a number of areas, the most famous being the Highlands in the northwest, home to the famous city of Inverness. The lowlands and flat lands of the northeast, all of which are beautiful in their own right and offer a variety of landscapes and attractions and are home to Glasgow and the capital of Edinburgh.