Philippines Holidays & Package Deals

A popular holiday destination as affordable as it is beautiful, the Philippines are a picturesque archipelago in southeast Asia bordered by the Philippine and South China Seas. Home to a striking coastline that is among the longest in the world and a collection of more than 7,000 islands, Philippines holiday packages are the ideal way to plan your stay in this lovely yet diverse Asian holiday destination. Offering a quick and convenient way to plan and book your visit to the Philippines, these holiday packages also offer significant savings on a number of travel essentials.

Philippines Holiday Deals

Whether you want to visit a number of the region's stunning UNESCO World Heritage sites, discover the fascinating European influence of the region's baroque architecture or relax on some of the country's most popular beaches including the iconic Boracay, these Philippines holiday packages offer something for everyone. A fantastic way to save even more on this already affordable holiday destination, these Philippines holiday packages use buying power and booking in 'bulk' to take advantage of some significant savings on all aspects of your trip, not to mention, make booking a breeze.

By combining everything you need into one simplified holiday package, our experienced travel consultants can ensure all aspects of your holiday are coordinated meaning you'll never waste time waiting for a cab or miss your flight. Philippines holiday packages include everything from your accommodation and flights to travel insurance, transfers, meals and even activities and offer exclusive access to a range of bonuses like room upgrades, complimentary nights, free WiFi and more. By taking care of all your holiday needs before you depart, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday the way you were meant to, with the peace of mind knowing that all your arrangements are confirmed and paid for. That means more spending money!