Boracay Island Attractions

Most of the Boracay Island attractions are centered around the spectacular natural environment. Perhaps Boracay's most popular attraction, White Beach is what most people come to the island to see. Boasting soft, powdery, pristine white sand and sparkling crystal waters, it is a breathtaking beach that is divided into 3 sections. Although the entire beach is open to the public, Station 1 is renowned as the luxury resort hotspot while Station 2 is the major hub for shopping, dining and leisure activities and Station 3 is a more peaceful and less-crowded area.

Puka Beach is another popular Boracay Island attraction situated ay the island's northern tip. Much less crowded than White Beach, Puka Beach still enjoys brilliant blue waters and white sand however the sand is more coarse than White Beach. A popular spot for locals to collect puka shells for jewelry, this is the perfect spot to enjoy a picnic and escape the crowds however it's worth noting that the water here is a little rougher than White Beach. A little further north from Diniwid Beach, Baliing Hai Beach offers a quiet cove ideal for swimming and snorkelling and is also home to a cliff top restaurant that offers stunning views. Well-known Bulabog Beach is also a favourite spot for slightly more adventurous water activities like windsurfers and kiteboarders.

The Bat Cave is another of Boracay's popular attractions, situated on the western end of the island. You'll need a guide for this as there are several dirt roads you have to take to get there and once you arrive, it can be a bit dangerous without the assistance of an experienced local. However, it is a unique experience where you will see lots of small bats and stalactites hanging from the roof. A small hike through forest brings you to the steeply angled mouth of the cave, surrounded by boulders.

In Boracay, there are also all the usual attractions like snorkelling, scuba diving, sailing and boat tours, windsurfing, skimboarding, kiteboarding and even relaxing massages and day spas if that's more your thing.