Boracay Island Travel Guide

Located in the heart of the archipelago that is the Philippines, Boracay Island is a popular holiday destination renowned for its spectacular beaches and vibrant atmosphere. Measuring just 10 square miles, Boracay Island is a haven for leisure activities, shopping and nightlife. Situated 300km south of Manila and just 1km northwest of Panay Island, Boracay Island is just 10 minutes from the Caticlan Jetty Port. Surrounded by the crystal waters of the Sulu and Sibuyan Seas, Boracay offers fantastic snorkelling and scuba diving. The islands of Carabao and Tablas are also just a short boat ride away and are popular for day trips. The two most popular areas of Boracay are White Beach, located in the west, and Bulabog Beach, situated in the east. White Beach is particularly famous in Boracay, having been voted the best beach in Asia. White Beach offers the best conditions for swimming and snorkelling thanks to its shallow waters unlike Bulabog Beach which is popular for windsurfing and kite boarding.

Boracay Island Accommodation

Although Boracay is quite small, there is a large range of Boracay Island accommodation options including hotels, resorts and guest houses. Conveniently located within walking distance of White Beach, Boracay Island accommodation is mostly concentrated in the main tourist areas. Close to local shopping, dining and nightlife, Boracay Island accommodation ranges from 3 to 5 stars and offers an excellent range of onsite facilities as well as access to popular leisure and recreational activities. Boracay Island accommodation is designed to cater to all travellers and budgets.

Boracay Island Holiday Packages

Boracay Island holiday packages are the most popular way to visit this stunning Philippine island. An easy and affordable option for planning and booking your stay, these Boracay Island holiday packages offer a coordinated range of inclusions that save you both time and money. Choose from an existing range of packages or customise one to suit your own needs, these Boracay Island holiday packages include everything from flights and accommodation to tours, meals, travel insurance, transfers and more.


The most popular of all Boracay Island attractions, White Beach is what visitors to Boracay are here for. Divided into 3 sections, Station 1 is the north offers deluxe resorts while Station 2 is the main tourist area home to shopping, dining, partying and activities, meanwhile to the south, Station 3 is less-crowded and also the most affordable. Puka Beach is less crowded and also very beautiful and is where you can see locals gathering puka shells for jewelry. Baling Hai Beach is where you can swim, snorkel and dine in the relaxed setting of this quiet cove north of Diniwid Beach. Bulabog Beach is the second-most popular Boracay beach and is where the more adventurous watersports take place. On the western side of Boracay Island, the Bat Cave is an interesting rock cave home to a number of small bats as well as small stalactites descending from the ceiling. Certainly an amazing experience, visiting the cave can be dangerous as it is dark and there are little to no visible paths so tourists should always be accompanied by a guide.

Fast Facts

The most popular time to visit Boracay Island is during the Amihan season which runs from September/October to May/June. Easterly winds cool temperatures while the main tourist areas are protected from the winds, offering glassy-smooth water and protected reefs ideal for kiteboarding and windsurfing. Boracay also hosts a number of popular events including the Asian Windsurfing Tour in January on Bulabog Beach and the famous Ati-Atihan Festival celebrating infant Jesus with a feast, music, tribal dance, indigenous weapons and costume, also celebrated in January. There are two airports located in Boracay including the Kalibo International Airport and Godofredo P. Ramos or Caticlan Airport. The Caticlan jetty port is also a popular way to access Boracay from Panay Island. Once in Boracay, walking is the easiest way to get around due to its small size however motor-tricycles are also very popular and can be seen everywhere. There are also motorbikes and quad bikes available for hire.