Getting Around Belfast

Getting around Belfast is easy on foot as the city’s centre is comparatively small however there is also a great range of public transport. Belfast is actually quite famous for its Black Taxi tours which can be arranged at most tourist offices and hotels and offer an insight into the city’s highlights provided by a regular taxi driver in an iconic black taxi. There are also the unique shared taxi routes in Belfast’s north and west which run along set routes and only cost about £1 regardless of how long your journey is. Taxis are also your best option for transport at night as there are no bus or train services during the night.

However during the day, getting around Belfast on a bus or train is an excellent option with the urban bus network known as the Metro. There are a number of high frequency routes available throughout the city centre that operate from 6am until 11pm and are colour coded for travellers’ convenience. Radiating from the city centre, these main routes pass through iconic Donegall Square and while the routes are extensive, travel can at times be expensive. For most tourists, many destinations are easily reached on foot and for those that aren’t taxis are a convenient and inexpensive option.