The Great Tech Escape

19th Jul 2017 Travel News Travel Tips


While remaining connected on holidays is vital for some (how else are you going to make your friends and family jealous?), for many, technology is an unwelcome intrusion into their down time. Baby Boomers in particular show a clear preference for unplugging from the digital world when on holiday.

Born between 1946 and 1964, Baby Boomers are fairly comfortable with new technology, but let's not forget that they grew up in a world before multi-channel TVs, mobile phones and the internet. Although a handful of older travellers enjoy the ability to stay connected, many feel technology is an unwanted disruption to their vacation time that distracts them from a more authentic travel experience, blurring the lines between work and leisure.

According to Mintel Research, 58% of Baby Boomers prefer to escape from technology while on holidays. In fact regardless of working status or gender, 6 in 10 Baby Boomers said they liked to escape computers, the internet, mobile phones and even TV when on holiday. A survey conducted by Google also recently revealed that 53% of leisure travellers choose their holiday destination based on their desire for new experiences.

After spending the money on a well-deserved break, Baby Boomers want to make the most of their down time by disconnecting. While some gladly switch off, others need a little help resisting their devices, and book remote destinations where tapping into the tech space just isn't physically possible. This may seem extreme to some, but such are the lengths many are willing to go to in order to switch off, relax and enjoy their holiday.

So switch off your phone, leave your charger at home and check out these unplugged holiday hot spots.

Day Spa

Top 5 Tech-Free Holiday Destinations

Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge, Cradle Valley TAS: The closest you'll get to World Heritage listed Cradle Mountain and Lake St Clair National Park, this tranquil lodge is famous for its natural beauty and offers private pencil pine timber cabins and suites. Relax with cosy log fires, soft fluffy bathrobes and private spa baths with incredible views of the Tasmanian wilderness. You'll forget the outside world even exists.

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Vanua Levu Fiji: Offering 17 acres of luxury accommodation surrounded by tropical coconut plantations, this sustainability-focussed resort has embraced the Fijian way of life, living off the natural bounty surrounding them for thousands of years. Using local agricultural and fishing practices, the resort is dedicated to the preservation of its pristine environment and is the perfect place to switch off.

Ratua Private Island, Espiritu Santo Vanuatu: Nestled amid 146 acres of exotic gardens, this private island resort offers unique villa accommodation cooled by sea breezes instead of air conditioning and with no TVs to interrupt the peace. Protected by Aore and Malo Islands, this self-sustained private escape is centred around ethical and ecological tourism utilising conservation and re-vegetation practices along with an organic kitchen garden. Check in and check out from reality.

Waldheim Spa

Lady Elliot Island, QLD Islands: Set in a Marine National Park Zone awarded the highest possible classification by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, this spectacular coral cay offers everything from permanent safari-style tents to absolute beachfront island suites. Embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle, the island is cut off from disruptions from the outside world with no TVs or telephones in-room. The ultimate digital cleanse location.

Daintree Eco Lodge, Tropical North QLD: Tucked away in the famous World Heritage listed Daintree Rainforest, this exquisite eco lodge features private bungalows with unique viewing panels in the ceiling, allowing you to experience the magic of the rainforest canopy from the comfort of your room. Guests can also relax in a natural rock pool and spring water outdoor spa. The ideal place to reconnect with yourself.