The CEO Series: Introducing Samoa!

7th Jun 2019 Travel News Pacific Holiday Destinations CEO Series

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TravelOnline is thrilled to announce that we are now selling Samoa holidays. Joining our list of amazing destinations, Samoa holiday packages allow visitors to bundle together travel essentials like flights, accommodation and travel insurance with bonus extras like tours and transfers to create the ultimate holiday experience. Located in the South Pacific, Samoa is an enchanting island nation bursting with unspoiled natural beauty and attractions. Renowned as the heart of Polynesia, Samoa is a beautiful and culturally unique destination unlike anywhere else on earth. Breathtaking scenery meets a world of tradition along with some of the friendliest people on earth to create a truly memorable tropical holiday

TravelOnline CEO Glenn Checkley is proud to announce this exciting addition to the brand's ever-growing product offering.

"We are very excited to be adding Samoa to our Pacific Islands Portfolio. This is a growing destination with pristine areas and beaches to explore. Australians are adventurous by nature and more and more people are attracted by what Samoa has to offer, particularly in terms of culture and natural beauty," Mr Checkley said.

Largely undiscovered and scenically stunning, Samoa’s laid-back lifestyle is a draw card for visitors wanting to relax and unwind in tropical paradise. Ticking all the boxes for modern travellers, here are 5 reasons why Samoa should be on your travel radar.

Spectacular scenery

Geographically astounding, Samoa’s lush and diverse landscape is home to a world of spectacular scenery. Pristine white sands meet volcanic landscapes, while lush rainforests lead to cascading waterfalls and sparking blue oceans. Samoa also enjoys fantastic weather and a warm climate, making it the perfect destination for swimming, snorkelling and relaxing beneath the tropical sun. Of course, a visit to Samoa is not complete without a visit to the famous To Sua Ocean Trench. Surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, this famous natural attraction was formed by lava eruption many years ago and is now one of the world’s most idyllic swimming holes.


Alluring Culture

Steeped in ancient tradition, Samoa is an alluring destination home to proud people with equally proud culture. Governed by Fa’a Samoa, “the Samoan Way”, the culture is centered around the matai (chiefs), the family and church life. With over 360 villages and 18,000 chiefs, Samoans are a very respectful and hold their faith close to their hearts. Samoans are also incredibly warm and welcoming people who adore tourists. Cultural shows, commonly refereed to as "Fiafia" are a regular occurrence throughout many of Samoa’s holiday resorts where traditional dances, fire knife shows, and musical performances are accompanied by a delicious Samoan buffet. An exciting spectacle and unmissable holiday experience, Fiafia provides the perfect opportunity to try some traditional Samoan delicacies such as oka (raw fish and coconut cream) and pauusami (taro leaves and coconut cream).


Amazing Attractions

Fringed by a spectacular coral reef, Samoa’s sun kissed beaches and brilliant blue lagoons provide the ultimate playground for holiday fun. Thanks to Samoa’s position in the South Pacific Ocean, the island receives fantastic surf all year round, making it a haven for board riders and beach goers. Additionally, Samoa is renowned for its deep-sea and big game fishing, with many companies offering charter tours and fishing expeditions. With over 300 types of coral and 1000 species of fish, Samoa’s abundant marine life and pristine waters also make it the perfect place to snorkel and scuba dive. Another popular Samoa tourist attraction are the vibrant local markets. Offering a selection of market stalls from handicrafts and clothing to cuisine and local produce, the markets are a great place to interact with the traditional culture and people.

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Affordable & Accessible

Just a 5-hour flight from Australia’s east coast, getting to Samoa is simple and stress free. Direct flights are available multiple times a week departing Sydney and Brisbane and prices are very competitive. With similarities to Fiji and Tahiti, Samoa is effortlessly stunning and enjoys fantastic accommodation, yet remains one of the most affordable destinations within the Pacific Islands. Thanks to a favourable exchange rate, holiday expenses including transport, food, activities and accommodation are quite reasonable, allowing your dollar to go much further than you think.

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World Class Accommodation

Offering a world class range of accommodation, Samoa resorts provide unbeatable value and inclusions for visitors. Boasting spacious rooms, superior service and onsite entertainment, visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to Samoa accommodation. With options available to suit all kinds of travellers, no matter their budget, Samoa has everything from 5-star luxury, family friendly resorts and everything in between. Additionally, Samoa’s great range of accommodation also enjoys close proximity to the islands major tours and attractions putting you close to all of the action.

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